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Sylvanor - The Secret of Under Hollow by Eric Weisser

The Secret of Under Hollow
by Eric J Weisser

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: August 17, 2014
Publisher: Connex Media, LLC
ISBN: ISBN13: 9780578143088
Genre: Middlegrade Fantasy
Print Length: 428 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Sylvanor: The Secret of Under Hollow Under Hollow, land of the dark elves has a secret and Aldara is determined to learn it. A rare mix of light and dark elf, Aldara is herself conflicted, much like her war-ravaged land, often twisting right and wrong to suit her needs. Aldara finds herself in the midst of a deep dilemma when she sacrifices her friend Wyndle in a bid to save her own life. Trouble ensues when she realizes she may have just delivered the one who can protect her realm from evil directly into the hands of the ruthless dark elf queen. Aldara joins the quest to rescue Wyndle, but is her offer to help genuine or a dark, clever ruse? Sylvanor: The Secret of Under Hollow is the first in a multi-book saga for adolescent readers, centered around themes of self-acceptance and discovery of the hero within. The fantasy novel offers a compelling read that will resonate with teens, young adults and anyone struggling to fit in.

My Review
Sylvanor - The Secret of Under Hollow by Eric Weisser 

Looking to encourage your child to read and spread their imagination’s wings? Sylvanor: The Secret of Under Hollow by Eric Weisser is here to help! Geared toward the wonder of a younger mind, this tale is a wonderful read for all ages!

Every realm has its secrets, but half light/half dark elf, Aldara knows something is rotten in Under Hollow and she is going to find out what. Flying by the seat of her pants, Aldara gains entry to this land of the dark elves and finds herself caught up in evil power plays, wicked plots and devious machinations, all designed to take over all the realms. Out of her league, Aldara becomes a pawn in the Dark Elf Queen’s vicious game of treachery and power when she thinks only of her own rescue and forfeits the angel, Wyndle to the tortures of the queen. Can she now be a part of Wyndle’s rescue or will she once again, destroy those she considers friends? Will Aldara learn to trust in her instincts and listen to her heart? Being different than others doesn’t mean you are bad, but her actions have caused mistrust. How does she fix it?

Eric Weisser has created a world full of magical differences and strife, but he has softened the jagged edges with the beauty that surrounds this realm. Don't look for a blistering chase scene, but feel the tension that arises, the fear held in check and the sense of right vs wrong going to battle. Aldara is young, but has that youthful curiosity and a strong desire for truth and justice, proving that one person's ideals can spark change. The Dark Elf Queen, evil, evil, evil, and there is no doubt that turning your back on her would be a huge mistake. Filled with a cast of quirky and different characters, each carved into their own unique place in this tale; you will see “manufactured” warriors of evil, unlikely heroes from all realms and find yourself lost in this multi-faceted tale. Like a jeweled layer cake, each layer to this tale holds another surprise, another adventure and another moment to stay in this world.

Give the gift of imagination and make believe to a reluctant reader! Read it yourself! There are worlds beyond worlds to be explored in books and the Underhollow is a perfect place to stop!

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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