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Taking Back Sunday by Cristy Rey (Incarnate #1)

 Taking Back Sunday

Cristy Rey


After five years on the run, Sunday has finally settled into a seemingly normal life in Columbia, South Carolina. What her two best friends don’t know is that Sunday has a secret past. She is the Incarnate, a conduit of mystical energy transcendent of the mundane and the divine. For most of her life, she served under Bernadette, the most powerful witch in the Northwest. Her power is terrifying, and what she remembers of her past—and what she doesn’t—haunts her. In the year that she’s been attempting to be anything but the Incarnate, Sunday has fought her abilities tooth and nail, but it’s been worth it. When Sunday joins her friends’ coven for an innocent gathering, Sunday discovers a darkness hidden beneath the blanket of the coven’s magic and she is determined to find out who is behind it and what she has planned.

For the last four years, Cyrus has been the point man on the contract to recapture the Incarnate and deliver her to the Pastophori of Iset. A gifted tracker and a fearless werewolf, he harbors a wild, inexplicable passion for the Incarnate that has driven him to hunt her. He was one of the original captors that brought her to Bernadette when his obsession with her began. Having found her, Cyrus and his pack find themselves torn between two objectives: take her by force and deliver her to yet another group of fanatics, or help her uncover the traitor among her coven.

My Review

Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate, #1)Taking Back Sunday 
by Cristy Rey
My rating: 4 stars

Series: Incarnate - Book 1
Publication Date: March 10, 2014
Publisher: CMW Press
ISBN: 0692243046
Genre: Romantic Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 250 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Looking to dabble in a paranormal romantic and intriguing read? Never tried that walk on the supernatural side where werewolves, vampires and witches reside? Taking Back Sunday by Cristy Rey is a pretty good place to start. There is nothing too over-the-top, yet enough fantasy to get a feel for life as one who is “different.” Child abuse, life on the run, hiding away from evil, hoping for a normal life, that happens in the real world, so when Sunday, a unique and powerful witch, known as an Incarnate is finally found again, her brainwashed memory is fuzzy, but there is just something about the werewolf, Cyrus that strikes a chord with her. She knows him, but she doesn’t, or does she? Is he part of her past finally come to collect her?

Cyrus is just doing his job, saving the world from the evil he has been told resides within Sunday, but the battered child he knew and the beautiful woman before him, although full of hidden power, is not evil. Does he do his job and turn her in or does he help her regain her freedom? Are there forbidden sparks between the hunter and the prey?

Cristy Rey makes this paranormal journey feel like part mystery, part intrigue and part romance, all blended together into a brew that is captivating, intense and vividly detailed. From her strong heroine to her equally strong male lead, she gives the heart they need to break free of the pages and make this tale to come to life. Far from the normal, run of the mill urban fantasy, the appeal here is directed at anyone looking for a well-told story.

I received a copy as part of Cristy Rey's Review Tour, stopping at Tome Tender September 15, 2014.

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