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The Ashes That Remain by A. M. Griffin (The Cimmerian Moon, #2)

The Ashes That Remain
by A.M. Griffin

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Cimmerian Moon - Book 2
Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Three Twenty-One, LLC
Genre: YA Fantasy \ Sci-fi
Print Length: 227 pages
Available from: Amazon


We’re at war against the aliens that have invaded Earth, fighting the only way we can—by surviving. I have more than most people do, but although I know it’s stupid to hold on, I can’t let go of what might have been—can’t help dreaming of something more. No matter how I tell myself it would be easier to do what everyone else wants me to, there’s a part of me that can’t give in. Making the best of the situation is one thing. Settling, even to make other people happy, is something else.

Then we hear the alien mother ships have disappeared. Of course we have to go and investigate. What we find lands us in a huge mess that we somehow have to clean up and, as our little enclave is rocked to the core with even more changes, I’m learning a hard lesson.

The more things change—for the better or the worse—there’s no fighting human nature, and building on the ashes that remain will take everything we have. And maybe more.

The Ashes That Remain (Cimmerian Moon, #2)My Review
The Ashes That Remain by A. M. Griffin 

The world as we know it is gone, lizard-like (blech) aliens are systematically destroying our planet, using some humans as slaves, slaughtering the rest. Through it all, a small band of teens have found sanctuary and even family in an underground hideout in a small, rural Michigan town. Gone are the youthful teens "pre-aliens,' in their place are strong and determined survivors, living like moles underground while trying to connect with life outside their lair. Again, Sinta tells their story as only she can, from the prospective of a teen ripped from the safety of her youth and struggling to survive a broken heart, a guilty conscience and an over-protective mother. When the alien ships hovering over Detroit appear to have left, one more treacherous journey is needed for proof. Will more survivors in their group fall? How much mental anguish can humanity take? Is it safe to begin the re-building process or should man take a step back and re-think the world they once knew?

When an author nails the first book of a series, the standards are set for following books, but A. M. Griffin never missed a beat with The Ashes That Remain. Her creative genius is a thing of beauty to watch unfold. From page one to those very last words, she has enriched her series with another powerful statement to the strengths and hidden determination of this amazing group of survivors, determined to live with dignity. Once again, the power of youth shines through. Love, loss and second chances in a well-written and fast-paced plot continue, thanks to A. M. Griffin!

I received a copy as part of A. M. Griffin's The Ashes That Remain Tour & Giveaway Stopping at Tome Tender September 10, 2014.

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