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The Face Transplant by R. Arundel

The Face Transplant
by R. Arundel

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: (Original December 10, 2013) May 1, 2014
Publisher: Createspace
ISBN: 9780991979905
Genre: Adult Mystery \ Suspense
Paperback: 378 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


An epic journey of suspense, murder and sacrifice.
Dr. Matthew MacAulay is a Facial Transplant Surgeon at a prestigious New York hospital. His friend and mentor, Tom Grabowski, dies under mysterious circumstances. Matthew is forced to investigate. He uncovers his friend’s secret. A new technique that allows perfect facial transplants. No incisions, no scars. The surgeon is able to transplant one person’s face to another with the perfect result. Tom was able to accomplish this monumental feat with the help of Alice, a supercomputer robot with almost human abilities. While trying to find the people responsible for murdering his friend Tom, Matthew realizes he is the prime suspect. Matthew must flee for his life with the help of Dr. Sarah Larsson, a colleague and reluctant helper who has a secret of her own. Alice helps them make sense of a baffling series of seemingly unrelated events. Matthew is forced to undergo a facial transplant to hide his identity and help to uncover the truth. The clues carry Matthew and Sarah around the world. Matthew stumbles onto a sinister plot of monumental proportions, the real reason Tom was murdered. This discovery leads Matthew all the way to The White House with a dramatic conclusion. Matthew never wavers in his quest for the truth and perseveres against all the odds. He must race to stop a major catastrophe, ratcheting up the excitement until the thrilling conclusion. The Face Transplant is a powerful medical suspense thriller of the first order. The novel was written by a surgeon. The novel has a realism that only a surgeon can bring. The plot weaves politics, medicine and espionage into a tightly paced, intelligent thriller. The novels crescendos page by page to a totally unexpected conclusion.
R. Arundel is a practicing surgeon, his novel, The Face Transplant, takes the readers on a thrilling adventure. Set in the near future this novel tells the story of a young facial transplant surgeon who is forced to solve the mysterious death of his friend and mentor. The novel weaves an exciting medical triller with high level political intrigue. The story is set within the backdrop of facial transplantation, a world where anyone can have a new face, just ask. R. Arundel brings an authenticity to the story only possible from a real surgeon. Murder, Politics and Medicine intertwine for a refreshingly innovative novel.

The Face TransplantMy Review
The Face Transplant by A. Arundel
Medical science has made huge leaps in necessary reconstructive surgery, but imagine if the time had come when total face transplants could become almost routine with the aid of computers, robots and miracle drugs that caused the tissues to heal almost immediately. For R. Arundel’s The Face Transplant that time is now, and there are those who would use this medial gift for greed and the twisted machinations to devine world power and control. Someone has set Matthew, a top facial transplant surgeon, up to take the fall for murder and conspiracy. Just one slip of the scalpel and his world becomes a nightmare game of cat and mouse, where the cat is more like a stealthy cougar on the prowl. Is it a national government after him? A foreign cartel? A crazed group with powerful strings to pull? One false move and Matthew and those around him will be killed. Already they are dying one bullet at a time and no one knows who or why. Who can be trusted? The answer may shatter Matthew, and worse, get him killed. From start to finish, Matthew is a man on the run.

R. Arundel writes with strong, short strokes, as if playing a hard staccato with a pen. Abrupt lines, almost like dictation, the flow is rather choppy, as if to punctuate the stark world the characters have been created for. Dark mystery, dark intrigue and unlikely heroes on the run make this medical mystery part science fiction and part suspenseful reading that will keep you just one step behind the solutions until the very end. Love the hard prose, the jagged edges and the leap into the darker side of medical and scientific advances.

I received a review copy from AuthorBuzz in exchange for my honest review.

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