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The Phoenix Variant by Nathan M. Farrugia

The Phoenix Variant
by Nathan M. Farrugia

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Fifth Column - Book 3
Publication Date: August 14, 2014
Publisher: Momentum
ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781760081683
Genre: Adult Techno-thriller/Action-Intrigue
Print Length: 376 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Sophia: former black operative, current enemy of the state.

Moments before a catastrophic hurricane hits New York City, a terrorist attack vaporizes a museum and a large chunk of the Upper West Side. Almost caught in the explosion, Sophia gives chase to a suspicious figure running from the blast zone.

Amid the chaos, Sophia recovers a rare meteorite from a black operative and is quickly ensnared in a hunt between clashing factions of a labyrinthine covert government known as the Fifth Column.

The meteorite contains traces of the ancient Phoenix virus. The effects of the virus are unknown to Sophia, but she soon discovers it is more powerful than she dared imagine – and that the Fifth Column will stop at nothing to get it.

Unarmed and outnumbered, Sophia and her allies hurtle towards a confrontation that will determine not only their fate but that of all humanity.

The Phoenix Variant (The Fifth Column, #3)My Review
The Phoenix Variant by Nathan M. Farrugia 

Like David vs Goliath vs Godzilla vs Mother Nature’s enhanced wrath, with high tech weapons, genetic enhancements and powerful psychopaths, The Phoenix Variant by Nathan M. Farrugia continues to pit a small, ragtag group of rebels against the powers of evil on a scale that is frighteningly too possible to cast off as pure fantasy or science fiction. This is a battle between those with a conscience and those incapable of even faking one.
In a world that doesn’t even know it needs saving, Sophia is still leading the charge, reluctantly accepting help from her own group of Amazonian type friends and allies, as well as some unlikely sources. Denton has surpassed his own deviltry this time, as he searches for a meteor fragment that contains part of the key to total world domination and invincibility, the ultimate fighting machine. But does he need more than just this rock to add to his collection? Does the real power lie in the blood or DNA of one special person, a person he is determined to capture? There are others out there who are after the prize, could this be a family reunion of sorts?

Faced with enemies of equal or even superior genetic alterations, the action is nonstop, once again as Damian and Jay find themselves tied up in their own drama of life vs death under the streets of New York. Has time run out on Jay’s wit and charm? In a battle to save the world, the action, the shock and awe and the camaraderie of these heroes becomes the things of legends as Nathan M. Farrugia holds his readers hostage for yet another amazing and wild ride.

The characters are in charge, they are fueling this story with their attitudes, dialogue and all-around raw grit as Mr. Farrugia pumps even more personality and life into each one. Once again, I was ready to don my evil-fighting gear and have their backs, (fortunately, they didn’t need my help). Nonstop action, good vs evil, high tech, genetic manipulation, another trip through hell while dodging capture, what else could you want? If Nathan M. Farrugia keeps raising the bar on his writing, he may need to start sending manuscripts from the moon.

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