Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Vines by Christopher Rice

The Vines
by Christopher Rice

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: October 21, 2014
Publisher: 47North
ISBN: 9781477826638
Genre: Sci-fi|Thriller
Print Length: 226 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The dark history of Spring House, a beautifully restored plantation mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans, has long been forgotten. But something sinister lurks beneath the soil of the old estate.
After heiress and current owner Caitlin Chaisson is witness to her husband’s stunning betrayal at her birthday party, she tries to take her own life in the mansion’s cherished gazebo. Instead, the blood she spills awakens dark forces in the ground below. Chaos ensues and by morning her husband has vanished without a trace and his mistress has gone mad.
Nova, daughter to Spring House’s groundskeeper, has always suspected that something malevolent haunts the old place, and in the aftermath of the birthday party she enlists Caitlin’s estranged best friend, Blake, to help her get to the bottom of it. The pair soon realizes that the vengeance enacted by this sinister and otherworldly force comes at a terrible price.

The VinesMy Review
The Vines by Christopher Rice

Love to garden? Like unusual plants? Think a Venus Flytrap is scary? Do you talk to your plants? Welcome to a gardener’s nightmare-come-to-life in this supernatural thriller where betrayal can be as deadly as forgiveness is uplifting.

It was a not-so- Happy-Birthday for the wealthy Caitlin when she saw her husband and a beautiful woman “sharing” an intimate moment on a bathroom counter. Yeah, sexy, huh? Her anger summons to ancient spirits that are buried in the land under her massive estate, Spring House and vengeance for both old and new betrayals is sought through the supernatural power of killer vines. Her husband goes missing and no one can accept the stories that are told, but could this be the answer to where others have disappeared to? What lies beneath Spring House and when will death strike again? Is death the legacy that will remain long after everyone is gone? Will Caitlin become its next victim, should it control her, too or will she come to terms with the truth and move on, leaving Spring House to those who can better understand its heritage? Only the tenacity of two innocent bystanders can unearth the past.

The Vines by Christopher Rice is a trip into the world of myth and legends, vengeance and history. Told with vividly descriptive scenes, one wonders how a land so beautiful can harbor such darkness. The emotional prints left by great characterization add to the atmosphere and brings this dark tale to life. Was I hooked from the start? Did I feel an emotional reaction to this tale? Yes and yes. Amazing what a woman scorned can do, isn’t it?

I received an ARC edition from 47North in exchange for my honest review.

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