Friday, September 26, 2014

What it Was Like by Peter Seth

What It Was Like
by Peter Seth

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: The Story Plant
ISBN: 1611881900
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 464 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


“It’s really a very simple story. What happened was this: I met this girl and did a very stupid thing. I fell in love. Hard. I know that to some people that makes me an idiot and a loser. What can I say? They’re right. I did some extremely foolish things; I’m the first to say it. And they’ve left me in jail and alone.”

So begins one of the most compelling, emotionally charged, and affecting novels you are likely to read this year.

It is the summer of 1968 and a young man takes a job at a camp in upstate New York before starting his first semester at Columbia University. There, he meets Rachel Price, a fellow counselor who is as beautiful as she is haunted. Their romance will burn with a passion neither of them has ever known before…a passion with the power to destroy.

What It Was LikeMy Review
What it Was Like by Peter Seth

The memories of young love, summer camp and the innocence of youth turns into a haunting tale of two people against a world who seeks to shred them apart. Rachel and Defendant X are on the run, from her controlling parents and finally, the law. How can that first love go so wrong? How does a tender love story become a deadly game of cat and mouse? How does one promising young man go from a brilliant future ahead of him to a fugitive to a man broken and incarcerated?

What it Was Like by Peter Seth will take reader back through time to 1968. For Young adult readers, this will be a snapshot of the past with a theme that is easily related to. For those who lived this era, it is a guided tour down memory lane with the vivid descriptions and attitude of the times. For suspense lovers who love the unknown turns ahead and the ending that you could not see coming, you have met your next great intrigue through the words of Peter Seth. Mr. Seth writes with a crisp and clean style that moves along at high tension throughout. His plot is well-designed, his world is 3-dimensional and his characters jump off the pages, begging to tell their story through amazing dialogue and action. Powerful reading with brilliant plot twists that had me glued to each page as I was crossing genres along with this author!

I received an ARC copy from The Story Plant in exchange for my honest review and I highly recommend this author and this novel.

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