Monday, October 6, 2014

A Virgin for His Prize by Lucy Monroe

A Virgin for His Prize
by Lucy Monroe

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publication Date: November 1, 2014
ISBN: 9780373132881
Genre: Holiday Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 192 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Her awakening: San Francisco heiress Romi Grayson has only had a taste of Maxwell Black's addictive brand of seduction and knows she should stay away…especially having discovered just how determined he is to possess her!
His proposal: Max prides himself on always being in control, yet somehow Romi sneaked under his cast-iron defenses, then walked away. Now he is driven to finish what they started….
The ultimate prize! This Russian tycoon will stop at nothing, even blackmail, to have Romi warm and willing in his bed. And her innocence will make his long-awaited possession all the sweeter….

A Virgin for His Prize  (Ruthless Russians #2)My Review
A Virgin for His Prize by Lucy Monroe

The bigger the ego, the harder they fall. Business mogul Max, has had his eye on Romi for a while, likewise, for Romi, who knows it would take little to fall madly in love with this distant and black & white businessman. Max has no basis to truly understand love, so a marriage is strictly the proper business deal to create a proper heir. Perhaps if he saw beyond his own reflection, he would see what a blessing love is. Romi is a devilishly funny romantic, determined to find her happily ever after with Max, all without saying yes to his proposal.

There is chemistry, heat and more heat in Lucy Monroe’s A Virgin for His Prize. It does move along well, and there are some humorous moments, some sizzling moments and lots of interaction. Nothing goes too deep, and there are rare scenes of over-the-top, gripping tension. If you’re looking for a quick romantic read, this should work for the busy Holiday season.

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