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Because of Jacqueline by Cynthia Pomranz

Because of Jacqueline
by Cynthia Pomranz

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 3, 2014
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 289 pages
Available from: Amazon


Jackie Simms moves back to her hometown, St. Louis, to rebuild her life in the wake of divorce, including a foray into the world of online dating. She responds to an intriguing email from Marc Montgomery, who shares many of her interests, as well as a love for baseball.

As their cyber relationship deepens, her skeptical side wonders if he’s too good to be true. When Jackie’s work-related travel delays their first date, the couple spends the next two weeks in a tantalizing state of limbo filled with tender emails and intimate phone conversations that go on seamlessly for hours.

Even though they have never met, their souls touch. When they finally meet, will Marc be Jackie’s dream come true? Will she learn the truth about this enigmatic man? Will self-doubt lead Jackie to believe she is the barrier to her own happiness?

Because of JacquelineMy Review
Because of Jacqueline by Cynthia Pomranz

Talk about mimicking real life! Jacqueline is recently divorced and is struggling with both learning to be on her own and facing the world of dating where the players aren’t familiar teens from school. In a world where it is often difficult to find someone special, internet dating is a protected way to “meet” people, and decide who to pursue a relationship with. Thirty-five year old Jacqueline is not a blushing teen, she is as set in her ways as many of the men who respond to her profile. One man stands out, too good to be true. He is handsome, warm, open and considerate, and then, they meet face to face and all of the open sharing they have had is suddenly gone. Marc is awkward, distant and preoccupied. Is he disappointed with her or is this some flaw he has with one on one connections? Was their chemistry a fluke, a firecracker that eventually burns out?

Because of Jacqueline by Cynthia Pomranz is not just a contemporary romance, it is an extremely lifelike view of re-entering the dating world, learning about yourself while learning to deal with another person who is as set in their ways as you are and deciding if there is enough there to learn to compromise and support each other. The stabs at poetry by Marc were touching in that he was trying to show his feelings in a way he could be comfortable with. In a twist on the contemporary theme, Ms. Pomranz gives the internal strength to Jacqueline, and the insecure tendencies to Marc, who, in his professional world is a top player. Two people, gingerly testing the dating world around them, fumbling, stumbling, making mistakes, all while being afraid to be hurt again, only they can decide if the chance at an relationship is worth fighting for an Cynthia Pomranz has matched the pace to each scene like a pro.

I was pleasantly surprised that Cynthia Pomranz did not go for the over-the-top angst, white-hot, insta-love in the world she created. The conflict wasn’t blown out of proportion; it was purely real, so real it could be happening down the street right now. Sometimes you need to escape to another reality, one that real people with real flaws can relate to. I recommend this as a quiet and thought provoking read.

I received this copy from Cynthia Pomranz in exchange for my honest review.

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