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Bond & Benevolence: Good Samaritan by J. C. Johnston (Bond & Benevolence #1)

Bond & Benevolence
Good Samaritan
by J.C. Johnston

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Bond & Benevolence Series - Book 1
Publication Date: September 14, 2014
Publisher: Delegate Publishing
Genre: Teen|YA Fiction
Print Length: 218 pages
Available From: Amazon


Twelve-year old Ophelia recounts her journey from rags to riches to regret, set in motion by a serendipitous encounter with Samantha Raider over a violin. Sam, a strong-willed, talented seventeen-year-old dancer, seeks to break out of the bubble of privilege she has been trapped in since her mother was murdered and her father retreated into solitude.

She devises a plan to connect with others through generosity, relinquishing treasured items at a yard sale in exchange for the right to visit the objects at any time. As Ophelia’s mother and Sam’s father fall in love, Sam tangles herself in a web of danger stretching from Ophelia’s Bronx, New York neighborhood to the heart of the Darfurian genocide. After discovering she is armed with a unique weapon, Sam finds herself pitted against her mother’s killer and an entire army people who supports the genocide in Darfur, Africa.

Bond & Benevolence: Good Samaritan (Bond & Benevolence Series Book 1)My Review
Bond & Benevolence: Good Samaritan by J. C. Johnston

Told through the eyes of a young teen, trying to process things beyond her ability to reason, Bond & Benevolence by J. C. Johnston is a powerful and moving journey told at a pace that allows for thoughtful reflection as each scene goes by. Two girls struggle through a jungle of ugly truths, harsh realities, and the kindness in the hearts of truly unselfish people who try to make a difference in the world, one person at a time.

From two polar opposite worlds, Sam and Ophelia meet and begin what is a beautiful friendship much like two sisters, one caring for the other. At seventeen, Sam has only known a world of wealth and privilege, but losses in her life have caused her to look beyond herself and learn the importance of the world around her, and how one kind word or deed can make a difference. The younger Ophelia has known only poverty, the sounds of guns and sirens in the night and to be taken under Sam’s wing and being allowed into her world is like a fairytale come to life. When that fairytale begins to grow darker and scarier and the world once again threatens to become ugly, Sam’s spirit and resilience shines through once again as she takes her mission of caring on a global level that takes her to the nightmares of Darfur.

J. C. Johnston shows great heart in this tale of benevolence and charity, no matter what evil may lurk in the shadows. By allowing Ophelia to tell the story through her eyes, it becomes even more powerful, as no matter how mature a young teen is, their viewpoint is still different than that of an adult, there is more simplicity in her emotions as she sees the world through the eyes of youth. The pace and plot deepen as the story progresses and becomes a labyrinth of uncovered truths, and a deep dedication to making the world a better place.

Mr. Johnston has done a remarkable job bringing his story and characters to life with both a touch of realism and a lot of heart.
4.5 Stars!
I was gifted this copy from J. C. Johnston in exchange for my honest review.


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