Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fallen by Ann Hunter

by Ann Hunter

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Crowns of the Twelve
Publication Date: October 3, 2014
Publisher: Afterglow Productions
Genre: Adult Fairytale|Fantasy
Print Length: 247 pages
Available from: Amazon

"Once upon a time, I fell in love. Madly, deeply. With my whole being. I'd do anything for the girl who robbed me of my heart.
I tried to save her... but darkness came. The ban sidhe, Crwys, death herself, wants me for her own. She thinks I am someone from her past, and she will not rest until I submit.
I have secrets. Some I can barely live with myself for, and every night I dream of two women. One I cannot save, the other I cannot escape...."
--Prince Sylas of Killeagh
One prince. One mistake. One... chicken?
A twisted retelling of The Frog Prince, featuring your favorite villain from The Subtle Beauty & Moonlight, Sylas Mortas.
What would YOU do for love?
17-year-old Prince Sylas of Killeagh wants what every one else wants: control over his own life. When he tries to run away from home and escape an arranged marriage, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a robber in the woods. Hiding behind a mask, the robber girl seems to lead a life of freedom Sylas has only dreamed of. Their adventure comes to an end when the Castle Killeagh guards hunt Sylas down and he's forced to return home. He convinces his parents to allow him to find the girl again and consider her as a candidate for marriage, but he only has until the next full moon to find her, or all bets are off.

Death has a name, and it is Crwys. As a ban sidhe, her job is to visit the great houses of The Summer Isle and keen out the living to prepare them for death. King Sionnach has far outlived his days and it is time he cross to the Unliving World. When she arrives, a young prince named Sylas intervenes and offers to go in his grandfather's stead. This break with tradition, and selfless sacrifice, move Crwys into loving Sylas, who looks so much like a shadow from her past. But when he crosses her to be with his true love, he invokes the wrath of a woman scorned.

Rós is just a little, aura-seeing, red hen whose master believes she is chosen by the gods. Her arrival at King Sionnach’s court is insignificant to Sylas at the time, but their destinies are interwoven. Can she help Sylas save himself from the curse Crwys has planned for him? Or will he become a fallen frog prince?

FallenMy Review
Fallen by Ann Hunter 

What possible connection could Death, a young prince and a small red hen have in the world of fairytales? Fallen by Ann Hunter re-tells the Frog Prince story with more than one dark twist to pull at your heart strings. A young prince, longing for the freedoms of his subjects, to love, to live one’s own life, leaves his castle and his responsibilities behind in frustration. Is it the restlessness of youth crying to be heard? Prince Sylas finds the woman of his dreams, but he is betrothed to a stranger. Will he be destined to live a life of duty without his true love who taught him to give?

In a true act of love, Death comes for the king, and Sylas offers himself up in his grandfather’s place, but what unfolds afterward is the thing of fairytales, love and nightmares as his true love is forever just out of his reach, possibly for eternity, no matter what bargains he makes with Death. What hold does he have on this dark creature? Is it possible she has mistaken him for another who betrayed her?

As Ros, the hen who sees other being’s auras continues to cross paths with Sylas through his nightmarish journeys, their friendship becomes strong and the lessons he learns from her become the things of legends. Will their unusual friendship come to an abrupt stop through the jealousies of Death scorned or will Sylas finally find all he has longed for, including freedom from Death’s curse? A man or a Frog Prince, the decision will be Sylas’.

Creative, delightfully dark, endearingly sweet, Ann Hunter has created another fantasy fairytale like none ever heard before. Get ready for her characters to come alive, to be neither all good, nor all evil and to defy the laws of life and death all in the name of love and friendship. Once again, Ann Hunter has created a touch of magic in the literary world.

I was fortunate to receive an ARC edition from Ann Hunter in exchange for my honest review.

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