Friday, October 3, 2014

Harmony: Jame's Movement by Lisa Malabanan (Dia-Matic Keys, #2)

by Lisa Malabanan

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Dia-Matic Keys - Book 2
Publication Date: July 22, 2014
Publisher: Lisa Malabanan
Genre: NA Fiction/Romance
Print Length: 94 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


All is lost for Dia-Matic Keys without Elle Martins. Secrets and betrayal are tearing the band apart. One man is the culprit to their downfall. His fears lead to careless decisions that affect not just the group, but everyone he loves. A novella about one of Elle’s beloved men. Get acquainted with the charming James Roberts as he fights to prove himself worthy to the band, and especially to Elle. Will he gain their respect again? Can he win back her love?

HarmonyMy Review
Harmony: Jame's Movement by Lisa Malabanan

One poor judgment call, will he ever know if he made the right decision for the right reasons? Can he ever gain back the camaraderie of the band and Elle, the true heart and soul of their group? James has destroyed Elle, destroyed the harmony of the band and even destroyed a bit of himself. How can he make it up to everyone? Elle has imploded in on herself after her break up with Sean and James had a major hand in that disaster, but he firmly believes it was the right thing, too bad no one else does, including his brother, who also carries a torch for Elle. James loves her now like a sister, he has moved on with Tiffany, a ray of sunshine in now dark existence. How does he fix the rift with Elle, with his brother? Perhaps a trip to the beach will force emotions out in the open and the healing can begin for everyone. Each day is like hitting the wrong chord in front of a sold out crowd. Perhaps it’s time to let Elle and the band go, leaving a piece of his heart with them.

Harmony: James’ Movement by Lisa Malabanan is a dark journey into the thoughts and heart of James, as he struggles with acknowledging what he has done and why, while trying to win Elle’s fragile forgiveness. Ms. Malabanan has filled volumes of emotion into this novella that carries the weight of a much larger tome. Dark and edgy, like a clouds hanging low in the sky, she again brings together this great group of characters with all of their baggage, diverse personalities and creates a wonderful tale of learning to forgive and survive.

I received a review copy from Lisa Malabanan in exchange for my honest review.

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