Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to Dress a Monster by Charmen McDaniel (Author), Pamela McKee (Illustrator)

How to Dress  a Monster
By  Charmen McDaniel (Author),
Pamela McKee (Illustrator)

My Rating: 5 HUGE Stars  photo 0004_zps4c7ee41a.gif

September 22, 2014
Publisher: Charmen McDaniel and Pamela McKee
Genre: Children's Fiction | Inspiration
  4 - 9 P - 4
 Print Length: 32 pages
Available from: Amazon


Families face the persistent challenge of bed-time drama. This book provides help to transform something that a child believes to scary into something funny.

Peeking out from under the covers a frightened child calls out for mom. It's a monster! First, acknowledging the child's fear, mom then begins to suggest other creative ways to "see" the monster.

By demonstrating to the child how to gain control over the monster it becomes less and less scary, until finally the monster runs away in fear. At the end of the story additional examples are illustrated.

This story can help a child gain courage through humor.

The main focus of the author and illustrator is to empower children by challenging them to create a positive belief system despite what the world throws at them.

My Review
How to Dress a Monster by  Charmen McDaniel (Author), Pamela McKee (Illustrator)  

Did you ever fear "things that go bump in the night?" How about a young child you know? How did you deal with it? How did your parents deal with it?  I sure did, I had a closet door that I swear was an evil spirit, had to make sure it was closed before I went to bed, then there was the spider nightmare... my parents beat my bed for me, I was sixteen before they finally told me there were no spiders.  Not sure how the subject came up.

Anyway, How to Dress a Monster by Charmen McDaniel, illustrated by Pamela McKee is essential library material for you and a young child with an active imagination!  Turn scary into silly and a child's fears are taken away!  Perfect for reading to a young child with colorful pictures, easy to understand for a beginner reader, too!  The cutest way ever to empower a young child with a tool to overcome their fears!  And, I admit, thinking of that closet door, the monster in the wood grain looks hysterical in heels!


  1. Books like this make me sorry I don't have grandchildren to read it to.

    1. Thank you for the excellent review Dii and for all of your input Alan, it has meant a LOT!