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Possession of My Heart by Kia Carrington-Russell

Possession Of My Heart
by Kia Carrington-Russell

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Three Immortal Blades - Book 2
Publication Date: October 10, 2014
Publisher: Crystal Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780992502843
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 286 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

After the great fight between Tyran and Misfeata, Karla’s body is recovering. Misfeata has manipulated and possessed her body — now, she lies dormant. But for how long? Paul and Karla continue to venture into the unknown. Karla is in pursuit of her parents, as well as a cure for her body in which Shielder blood now resides. She must find a cure for herself both physically and mentally as she struggles with the morals of this very different world. As Karla tries to avoid the war, she inevitably drags Paul into dangerous circumstances. A rare Elemental Breather is after Karla and out for war, but why? Now, not only combating the Starkorfs, Karla must contend with the Elemental Breathers and her own fighting spirit. In this time of hardship, Lucas comes back into her life. He is also targeted by the strange Elemental Breather, Taskatae, who calls herself ‘Mother.’ After his betrayal, Karla must learn to trust him again as he reminds her who she truly is now. Can she survive the constant battles from not only the physical world but from within? For a while Misfeata is dormant; Karla must try to keep hidden her true feelings. Karla is in turmoil as she faces who may truly possess her heart.

Possession Of My Heart (The Three Immortal Blades, #2)My Review
Possession of My Heart by Kia Carrington-Russell 

So, can Kia Carrington-Russell repeat her gripping performance in book one of this series? Possession of My Hearthas a tough act to follow, but, I have to say, this was every bit as stellar as Possession of My Soul! Karla’s own personal demon, Misfeata, who has taken up residence in her body continues to fight for dominance, especially when her evil brother Tyran is around. For now, things are quiet, by Karla’s body has taken a beating, both from outward attacks and from Misfeata.

Karla was betrayed by the man she thought she loved, while holding her human friend at a distance. Did her heart make the wrong choice? Paul has always been there for her and her guilt at continually endangering him is mounting. This world is unforgiving, there seems to be no peace to be had, as a disastrous war becomes inevitable between demon factions. Who is the Elemental Breather called Taskatae? How does she have power over Karla? Now the object of another faction's ire, how will Karla find her parents and rid herself of the Shielder demon within? And now, her heart’s betrayer has returned, but he is not alone, why should she trust him? His father is her greatest enemy.

You may need roller skates on your eyeballs to keep up with this wicked fast-paced fantasy. Once again, Kia Carrington-Russell has added just the right amount of danger, drama, tension and stress without slowing down as she takes us from page to page, scene to scene and battle to battle. Karla has matured, toughened up, but she is still the teen, who, until recently never knew this world existed. Ms. Carrington-Russell is on a roll and I’m looking forward to her next addition to this series.

I received a copy from Kia Carrington-Russell in exchange for my honest review.

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