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Save the World Academy Part III: The Watch Suicides By James K. B. Brough

Save the World Academy Part III
The Watch Suicides

by James K.B. Brough

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Save the World Academy - Book 3
Publication Date: February 8, 2013
Publisher: James K. B. Brough
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 264 pages
Available from: Amazon


'Sex and death are no laughing matter and should be addressed, not ignored.'

The Academy's watches seem to have taken a sinister agenda placing all the students in harm's way, leaving one question on everybody's lips; Who is attempting this sabotage?

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, lies the Salamander clan pulled unwillingly deep into Steel's schemes of world tyranny.

Also hidden from the world, trapped deep in the swamps with no hope of escape, Jade Steel suffers at the hands of the deadly Lizard Lord's daughter.

Save the World Academy Part III: The Watch SuicidesMy Review
Save the World Academy Part III: The Watch Suicides By James K. B. Brough

For the students at the Save the World Academy, there are times when they feel their magical, hi-tech watches and those around them are standing against the world. But when an unknown villain has tampered with their watches, the consequences can prove devastating. Imagine your lifeline, being severed, or turning against you in a cruel and vicious manner. The power of the watches over these kids is unimaginable. For a child already depressed and an outcast, the words of the watches could be fatal. Have the kids become no more than puppets to a machine? Will the cause be found and repaired before each student self-implodes? Death has come to the academy, and the causes are unnatural. Will the children open up and share their deepest fears or will they bury them deep inside, along with all of the rest of the angst over growing up they feel? Without their watches to give them courage and a feeling of security, will they discover how to stand on their own or will the crumble like a castle in the sand? meanwhile, outside the academy, one family fights to survive at the hand of evil, with no help insight. Is there no place safe, anymore?

Part III of the Save the World Academy, The Watch Suicide by James K. B. Brough brings more in depth teen feelings and confusions to the surface as these kids face the uncertainty of the world before them. Like crawling into the hearts and minds of these kids, they every emotion is laid bare, their every fear splayed open as each page is turned. Touching on so many poignant topics, from sex to suicide, the watches seem to represent the turmoil in a teens mind from the bombardment of the world all around them. A fascinating read with powerful social statements that will always be contemporary and timely.

I received this copy from James K. B. Brough in exchange for my honest review.


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