Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Bloody Ripper by Tuvan Uner (The Leopard King Saga #1.2)

The Bloody Ripper
by T.A. Uner

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: The Leopard King Saga - Tome 1.2
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Publisher: T. A. Uner
ISBN-13: 9781495289040
Genre: Fantasy | Sci-fi
Print Length: 199 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Something strange is happening in Victorian England: Citizens of London are disappearing and being used in gruesome experiments by a ruthless organization, a mysterious red locomotive transporting strange cargo steams toward an unknown destination, and women in Whitechapel district are being brutally murdered by an unknown assailant called “Jack the Ripper.”

Jack Mansfield, a promising young doctor, is thrust into an unenviable situation when his older brother Robert, a detective investigating the Ripper killings, suddenly disappears, and Jack is framed for the Whitechapel murders. Now Jack must use every skill at his disposal to clear his name and prevent a conspiracy that threatens not only London, but the entire human race.

Please note: Even though "The Bloody Ripper" serves as a prequel for Book Two of The Leopard King Saga, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone novel.

The Bloody Ripper (Leopard King Saga, #1.2)My Review
The Bloody Ripper by Tuvan Uner

Unless you’ve lived in a bubble your entire life, the mystery of Jack the Ripper is at least something you’ve heard about, but this take on the dastardly devil is going to set your mind racing. The place, Victorian London, a time when things go bump in the night and you should fear them. Steampunk is alive and well and someone is killing good citizens of London. Could it be part of an alien scheme on Earth? Are there powerful vampires behind the bloody gore? The Bloody Ripper crosses genres with the skill of a drummer going from drum to drum without missing a beat.

Has the most advanced civilization in the universe come to Earth in the pursuit of vampires? Are the vampires alien, also?
When an investigator goes missing, his brother is the prime suspect, but Jack has far bigger things to worry about, as he has become witness to the possible demise of humanity on Earth. On the run, Jack has few places to turn, because really, who would believe his fantastical tale of aliens trying to suck the life out of humans? What happens next will simply set your jaw dropping as the tie in to The Leopard King Saga becomes apparent and the stage is set for Tome Two, The Leopard Stratagem.

T. A. Uner is known for his intense imagination and connection to his work and it shows in everything I’ve read from him. As a standalone, this is fine, but as a little something extra to the larger Saga, it is a valuable piece of a giant puzzle. Page one and we’re off. Don’t expect any down time and do NOT forget to pay close attention as the spider’s web is created and then pulled into one long strand at the end by this creative author. I was entranced from page one, because really, so far, this is the most imaginative scenario for Jack’s messy tale that I have read!

I received a copy from T. A. Uner in exchange for my honest review.4.5 Stars!

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  1. I love the title and had to come check this out. Looks like a fantastic read. Thanks so much for sharing.
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