Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Donor by Nikki Rae

The Donor
by Nikki Rae

My rating: 5 stars

Release Date: July 14, 2014

The Donor (Part 1) by Nikki Rae is the first part of a serial novella. It is very short but leaves you wanting more, more, more!

Casey Williams is 18 years old and lives in a run down trailer with her parents. Her father had a serious accident so every penny goes to paying his medical bills. Casey starts having head aches and they consistently are becoming more intense. She has also been getting nose bleeds. So now she has to pay for her own medical bills as well as her Dad’s.

Her friend from work tells Casey about and through this site she meets Jonah Black.

Nikki Rae is so devious. We watch while Casey and Jonah become acquainted and eventually meet in person. But just what sort of arrangement is this? What is it that Casey will be doing for Jonah?

Even though this little novella is so short, I instantly fell in love with Casey. Nikki Rae completely sucked me into the story and then…it was over. This is a fantastic start to what looks like it is going to be something completely unique and fabulous. There is a darkness to it but also a sweetness. I absolutely loved it and hope I don’t have to wait long for part 2.

Thank you so much to Nikki for allowing me to read this for an honest review. I absolutely loved it!

Thank you to Tome Tender's Guest Reviewer Carol Hanlon

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