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The Scale by Mika Jolie (Martha's Way, #1)

The Scale
by Mika Jolie

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Martha's Way Series - Book 1
Publication Date: July 21, 2014
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 301 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Twenty-seven year old, African-American, Minka Greene has to endure watching her twin sister marry the man she loves. Her weight is up, and her confidence is down. Not exactly the ideal time to meet the real man of her dreams.

The Scale opens in Martha’s Vineyard with Minka attending Keely and Blake’s engagement party at Martha’s Way, the beautiful inn owned and operated by the tall, blond, tattooed man with the piercing blue eyes. It just so happens Jason Montgomery is also Blake’s childhood friend and the best man. Dealing with a whirl of emotions, Minka faints in Jason’s arms.

When she wakes up naked in Jason’s bed after a night of passion, the Vineyard confirmed bachelor struggling with his own demons and the woman filled with self-doubt and pining for another man are joined in an experience that will change their lives.

The Scale is the first book of the Martha’s Way series.

The Scale (Martha's Way Series, #1)My Review
The Scale by Mika Jolie

We all have them, they’re called insecurities. How many times have you heard or thought, I need to lose weight, why did my sister, friend, frenemy, a total stranger get all of the looks, the hair, on and on ad nauseum? Imagine having a twin, the one YOU think got the looks, the personality, and THE guy, the one you have had a crush on for years, the one YOU introduced her to, and the one she is marrying.
Welcome to Minka’s world, or should we say the world she created for herself, alienating her parents and her sister. The wedding is moving forward, there will be two weeks of sun, fun and preparations at a beautiful hotel, not that Minka can appreciate it all. When Minka meets the Adonis that is the best man, the world fades as she looks in those inviting eyes, that he is flirting with her is beyond unbelievable. A few drinks, and a mind-blowing night of sex later, a deal is struck, two weeks of exclusive sex with Jason, then poof, the coach will turn into a pumpkin and it’s over, no strings, just a friendly goodbye. But do things ever go that easy? Why would this in demand bachelor want anything else? Why would he ever look twice at her?

Minka is in love, real love, but when she feels the misguided need for closure with her past, the damage she does will bring more pain and heartache than she ever imagined.

The Scale by Mika Jolie is the first in what promises to be a delightful, spicy, yet sweet and romantic series, Martha’s Way. Ms. Jolie has blended the heat and passion of romance with the mental anguish of a young woman who hasn’t learned to love herself as a person and therefore is not able to recognize and accept that someone sees below her exterior and into her heart of hearts. Minka is definitely troubled and Ms. Jolie has portrayed her character perfectly. Jason also becomes completely “human” once he drops his studly fa├žade. A beautiful tale of love, need and learning to trust the real you with another. I read to enjoy the magic of the written word and Mika Jolie is another author to add to your must read list!

I received this copy from Mika Jolie in exchange for my honest review.

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