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Tim Cratchit's Christmas Carol by Jim Piecuch

Tim Cratchit's Christmas Carol
by Jim Piecuch

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date Nov 17 2014
Publisher: Pocket Star
ISBN: 9781476766171
Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Romance
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Tiny Tim is all grown up in this continuation of Charles Dickens’s beloved holiday classic A Christmas Carol, and this time, a certain ghost shows him the true meaning of Christmas cheer!

In A Christmas Carol, evil Scrooge was shown the error of his ways by three helpful ghosts and vowed to become a better person. Bob Cratchit and his family benefited most from Scrooge’s change of tune—but what happened after the goose was given, and Scrooge resolved to turn over a new leaf?

Tim Cratchit’s Christmas Carol shows us Tiny Tim as an adult. Having recovered from his childhood ailment, he began his career helping the poor but has since taken up practice as a doctor to London’s wealthy elite. Though Tim leads a very successful life, he comes home at night to an empty house. But this holiday season, he’s determined to fill his house with holiday cheer—and maybe even a wife.

When a single, determined young mother lands on Tim’s doorstep with her ailing son, Tim is faced with a choice: stay ensconced in his comfortable life and secure doctor’s practice, or take a leap of faith and reignite the fire lit under him by his mentor, Scrooge, that fateful Christmas so many years ago.

Tim Cratchit's Christmas CarolMy Review
Tim Cratchit's Christmas Carol by Jim Piecuch 

It takes a brave author to write a “sequel” to A Christmas Carol. It takes a brilliant author to pull it off! Tim Cratchit’s Christmas Carol by Jim Piecuch has all the atmosphere of its predecessor, the feel of London, the warmth of the season and even a cameo appearance by Ebenezer, himself!

Remember Tim? How sick he was? How you just fell in love with him as a child? Thanks to Mr. Scrooge, Tim was healed, and grew to be a remarkable doctor with a huge and generous heart. But his kindness to the poor is not approved of by the “uppercrust” of London, and particularly by his egotistical partner, a doctor with low ethical standards and a large bank account. Tim tries to help a homeless young boy with a tumor on his spine and time is running out. But it’s the season of miracles and love and Tim still believes in the magic and miracles of Christmas. But has he the skill to operate?
With determination, a budding romance and his very best of friends and family around him, Tim knows there was some Christmas magic and love from beyond that has brought him to this place and time and like before, will guide him through, no matter the outcome.

I bow to Jim Piecuch for his ability to create a warm tale of Christmas, of helping others, of paying forward, of finding love and of believing in the Season. His characters were beautifully drawn, full –color, and exaggerated when needed, to depict the selfishness that so often mars life. Mr. Piecuch has created his own warm and inviting Christmas tale to share the meaning of Christmas for generations to enjoy.

I received an Arc edition from Pocket Star in exchange for my honest review.

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