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Titanium Texicans by Alan Black

Titanium Texicans
by Alan Black

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 12, 2014
Publisher: Alan Black
ISBN-10: 1500639184
ISBN-13: 978-1500639181
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Age Level: 10 - 18 | Grade Level: 6 - 12
Print Length: 321 pages
Available from: Amazon


Sixteen-Year-old Tasso Menzies just finished burying his grandfather next to his mother and grandmother on the family farm when he receives an order from his estranged uncle to come to Capital City. He doesn’t want to leave the only home he’s ever known. He doesn’t want to be apprenticed on a space freighter crewed by Texas cowboys of Mexican descent. He certainly doesn’t want to be gone for so long that his home and inheritance are stolen. While trying to fit in and still get home he learns what it is like to live in space, what a cheerleader is, how spicy a taco can be, and that Texicans like a good fight as much as he does.

Titanium TexicansMy Review
Titanium Texicans by Alan Black

…And we have lift off into some great younger YA, YA and Adult reading! Titanium Texicans by Alan Black is a journey across the galaxy, told mostly within the confines of a spaceship that must be the size of the Mall of America! Filled with all of the adventure and discovery of a well-written coming of age story, Titanium Texicans would make a wonderful gift for anyone!

Tasso has lost everything, his family, and now the only home and life he has ever known, as his uncle sells him into the care of a space traveling freighter ship. Naïve, alone and different from the residents of this ship, Tasso must rely on his own curiosity and zest for learning to maneuver in his new world. Even the most mundane of phrases are foreign to him, celebrations seem strange, and even having fun for the fun of it is a hard concept to accept. But not even someone as clever and charming as Tasso can avoid making enemies and trouble has a habit of catching up with him at the worst of times. A quick thinker and a person to look out for others, Tasso soon discovers his thoughts and opinions count in this strange new world, as well as his strengths and caring for those around him. As time passes, Tasso is given the chance to give to those who need help while benefiting his new found family on board. Will his intelligence and quick wit help him to attain his own dreams or will he find as he has matured that his dreams have changed and there may be a greater purpose to be found?

Alan Black’s inner child must have been at the controls for this one, and trust me, he pushed all the right buttons to create a world so full of detail that the mental images are fitting for the imagination of a child and remind those “young-at-heart” readers of the joys of reading. In a time when a positive hero for younger readers can be hard to find, Mr. Black gives us Tasso, who, in spite of the hardships and loss he has known, has not grown bitter and is in awe of the new world around him and not afraid to admit it and how cool is that, not to have to be cool all of the time! Alan Black has created a flawed world looking to improve and characters that, for the most part are positive and full of a sense of adventure. To see an entire group of people being so willing to help others is an amazing feat to pull off while making a tale come to life with such clarity. Looking to instill the magic of reading into the heart of a young reader? I highly recommend taking a look at Alan Black’s Titanium Texicans.
I received this copy from author Alan Black in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Dianne, Thank you for the wonderful review. As always, you are most gracious and kind.
    Alan Black