Friday, November 7, 2014

Broken Soul by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #8)

Broken Soul

Written by: Faith Hunter
Series: Jane Yellowrock
Sequence in Series: Book 8
Page Count: 352 pages
Publisher: Roc
Publication Date: October 7, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 0451465954
ISBN-13: 978-0451465955
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Science Fiction
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Jane Yellowrock is a vampire killer for hire—but other creatures of the night still need to watch their backs....

When the Master of the city of New Orleans asks Jane to improve security for a future visit from a delegation of European vampires, she names an exorbitant price—and Leo is willing to pay. That’s because the European vamps want Leo’s territory, and he knows that he needs Jane to prevent a total bloodbath. Leo, however, doesn’t mention how this new job will change Jane’s life or the danger it will bring her and her team.

Jane has more to worry about than some greedy vampires. There’s a vicious creature stalking the streets of New Orleans, and its agenda seems to be ripping Leo and her to pieces. Now Jane just has to figure out how to kill something she can’t even see….

Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock, #8)My Review:
Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock fan girl here, so its no surprise I loved getting more of the Yellowrock world in Broken Soul.

Once again, Leo's secrets come back to bite everyone, including Jane, in the proverbial ass...and Jane is left cleaning up the mess.

Lucky for Jane her and Beast have come to a much deeper understanding, because she wouldn't have survived without Beast having her back. The relationship here is changing and it looks like Beast is going to be taking a much stronger influence in Jane's personality. I can't wait to see how this all meshes together.

Speaking of change, Bruiser makes some major changes to “declare” his intentions towards Jane...but Leo's possessiveness just might get someone killed. I love how he wants to court Jane. Of course, Beast is all in, now he just has to convince Jane. Speaking of Beast, Bruiser and Beast get some one on one time which was extremely wonderful to see.

It looks like Jane is about to be hit by all sides. Not only is the European Mithrian Council on its way, and not in a good way... Someone else is attacking and they are hitting close to home.

I love the growth in Jane's character. Not only does she have a core group of people she's learned to rely on, she seems to really trust herself and Beast to make the right decisions.

Broken Soul provides a kick ass urban fantasy with a marvelous group of characters that any fan would love. I highly recommend the Jane Yellowrock series. With all the reading I do, there are only a few series/books I do re-reads...this is one of them.

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