Sunday, November 2, 2014

Edge of End by Suren Hakobyan

Edge of End
by Suren Hakobyan

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 2, 2014
Publisher: Suren Fant
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 259 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his head. He’s alone having no clue who and what he is, where he has come from and where he should go. There is only one way – forward when he spots a little town in the distance.

Empty streets, old houses, the town seems abandoned. There’s no one to ask for help, there’s nowhere to go. Jonathan wanders the town in search of any sign of life trying to bring his lost memories back, but odd visions haunt him from time to time. Soon Jonathan comes to the realization that he’s moments from death as absolutely evil dwells in the town seeking fresh souls to suck up. The seemingly dead town is only outwardly empty.

Grey skies, no sun, no days and no nights. The town is stuck in time. With only one entrance and one exit, but the way leading to the exit is filled with creations that Jonathan has never envisioned, even in his worst nightmares.

Who is he? Who brought him here? With a female resident – Elizabeth, Jonathan has to work his way through the horrendous town, figure out his past and find the exit.

Edge of EndMy Review
Edge of End by Suren Hakobyan

Have you lived your life as well as you think? Have you tried to be the best person you can be? Do you think before acting on a selfish deed or do you think, it wasn’t THAT bad… What if you found you had died and were trapped in “town” representing the realm between Heaven and Hell? Everyone has their own special house, your private hell?

With his memories gone, lost in a barren landscape, one man finds his perceived salvation may be the worst nightmare he has ever faced, because once you enter, you can never leave this empty town. Rescuing a young woman in the same predicament, they find a bond between them that makes each want to live, want to be better, but the demons that guard the town make escape impossible, besides, where would they go? Only with the help of an old combat pilot can Jonathan and Elizabeth hope to find the secret passage out, but can they survive the monsters that stand in their way? How does good conquer evil when the evil has come from within? Is it possible to have a do over in life to right the wrongs you have committed? How do you say you’re sorry when you’re dead or dying? One way in, no way out, or is there? What is the ultimate sacrifice that will remove you from your eternal hell?

Suren Hakobyan has taken an often questioned topic, given it life and populated his world with normal people, ill-equipped to deal with their circumstances, as he allows us to ponder the same things as his characters as their memories of their pasts come to the surface. What if you found out you were a monster, yourself? Thought-provoking, simply written and far from a fast-paced action thriller. To appreciate Edge of End, savor it, dissect it and reach your own conclusions.

Edge of End by Suren Hakobyan is a completely unique take on living, the afterlife and the power of reflection and regret for what was lost or wasted during your life. Is there a point when all hope is lost? Can one truly go back and atone? Is this “limbo”created through the scientific advances in prolonging life?

I received this copy from Suren Hakobyan in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Great review, this story sounds really interesting!

  2. Thanks! English isn't the author's first language, but he did a very good job with it!