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Revenant by Larissa Ione (Demonica #11 | Lord of Deliverance #6)


Written by: Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica #11 | Lord of Deliverance #6
Page Count: 416 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: December 16, 2014
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 1455526983
ISBN-13: 978-1455526987
Genre: Paranormal | Urban Fantasy | Erotic Romance
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For five thousand years, Revenant believed he was alone in the world, a fallen angel beyond any redemption. Now he finds he has a twin brother who had all the light and love Revenant was denied. Caught in a tug of war between Heaven and Hell, he must weigh his thirst for revenge against his desire for a mysterious female named Blaspheme—a female whose very origins could deliver him into salvation . . . or destruction.


Blaspheme has a deadly secret: she's the forbidden offspring of an angel and a fallen angel. Hunted by both heavenly and satanic forces, she has survived only by laying low and trusting no one. When Revenant claims he can save them both, how can she possibly believe him? But the powerful angel is persistence incarnate and for Blaspheme, there's no place she can hide in Heaven or Hell where he won't find her . .

Revenant (Lords of Deliverance, #6; Demonica, #11)My Review:
Revenant by Larissa Ione

We have Revenant's story here... Yes, Revenant and Wow! Hold onto your halos things are about to get rocky!

Revenant has been a whipping boy for the devil for over five thousand years... but things are changing in the most mind blowing ways. Facing his new reality, Revenant's life is caught in turmoil and his choices might save him or damn him to hell. The only bright light in his existence is the spitfire called Blaspheme.

Rev keeps insinuating himself into Blas' life. With her wacky, evil mother, angels closing in and Lucier knocking at the door, the last thing Blas wants is a fling with Rev. Letting anyone one in just might be the death of her... but Rev is hard pressed to have her, even if he doesn't know why.

Blaspheme very existence is a miracle. Keeping herself alive might be more than she can handle alone, but when the very being that hunts her kind is on the prowl for her in a totally non-platonic way...what can she do? Fall for the wounded anti-hero that is rediscovering his heart?

You ever feel completely wiped out by a book? Revenant wiped me out! I couldn't wait to read it and absolutely adored Ione's storytelling, but then the conflicting emotion of finality hits and I realize this is it...the end...and total book hangover swarms in. I know you know what I mean.

I just have to say, Ione once again rocked the pages, creating an utter masterpiece of PNR artwork! Tying up any loose ends, giving us complete closure but making me want MORE, Ione's Revanant pulls out all the stops!

What can I say, I loved this book.

I'm also sucker for crossovers and what marvelous joining of the two series. Ione's flat out got the storytelling gift!

I received this ARC copy of Revenant from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication December 16, 2014.

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