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Stone Ram by T. A. Uner (The Leopard King Saga, #1.3)

Stone Ram
by T.A. Uner

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Leopard King Saga - Book 1.3
Publication Date: April 22, 2014
Publisher: T. A. Uner
Genre: Fantasy | YA
Print Length: 237 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The Kingdom of Rek is in trouble!

It's holiest artifact, The Golden Mane, has been stolen by Xot Marauders and is on its way to the Darklands, a lawless domain under the rule of the Blood Reeper, an evil undead warlord who harbors plans for conquering Rek and its peaceful neighboring states.

When the Gold King of Rek issues a crusade to retrieve the stolen Mane, a blind shepherd boy named Fabian SilverSword accepts the challenge, much to the dismay of his parents. Along with his friends, Lager McVick, an exiled Starfighter pilot from Earth, and Marella Larue, a mysterious Stealer from the Republic of Pazland, Fabian must survive the trek through Rek's Eastern Frontier before navigating the unknown dangers of the three Hellion Doors.

Stone Ram (Leopard King Saga, #1.3)My Review
Stone Ram by T. A. Uner

A war is being waged, a precious artifact has been stolen, a young man feels the need to answer the call to arms, but Fabian isn’t a normal boy and must begin his journey with only his trusted sheep dog by his side. So begins another young adult adventure from T. A. Uner and the birth of the hero known as The Stone Ram. From a sightless shepherd to a magically enhanced warrior, Fabian has heart, determination and a strong sense of right and wrong. He has vowed to return the artifact to the people Rek. His travels are joined by an alien on his planet, Lager, a warrior from Earth who becomes his mentor and his guide, as well as young Marella, a streetwise girl with sharp wit and more courage against evil than most. As they battle their way to the Darklands, magic is on their side, but the treacherous journey will be the most deadly at the end. Who will survive? Who will find a new calling? One thing for sure, no one will remain unchanged.

T. A. Uner has introduced another character from his Leopard King Saga in this easy to read, adventure that spills forth with much more action than seems possible from so few pages. Geared toward YA reading, this novella provides more than mere entertainment, it details the journey that made the Stone Ram the man he became. The rapid-fire pace requires suspension of the world as you know it as you travel to a distant land and become a citizen of a world far different from ours. Once again, T. A. Uner allows us to cross genres from an historical feeling read to one of science fiction and fantasy and he does it with his own signature flare. Let your inner child see and feel the wonder of another world, the excitement of battle and adrenaline rush of survival when on a quest as you are further prepared for The Leopard Stratagem.

I received this copy from T. A. Uner in exchange for my honest review.

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