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The Dark Kin by Daniel James Miller (Shifters, #1)

The Dark Kin
by Daniel James Miller

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Shifters - Book 1
Publication Date: September 30, 2013
Publisher: Daniel Miller
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal
Print Length: 386 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Ellie Reed generally enjoyed being a journalist in the midwestern town in which she'd grown up. Living in the picturesque rural community, with its chatty and friendly neighbors, made for a setting where Ellie felt a genuine sense of both belonging and purpose for her young family. One would think that knowing the lay of the land and most of the folks in the area would be pretty handy resources for a news reporter to have at her disposal. And they might be...if she wasn't also a werewolf. Big secrets were hard to keep in a small town.

Being a widow, a full-time reporter and a werewolf were challenges in and of themselves, but none could compare to her toughest and most important responsibility; that of raising twin boys who were rapidly approaching their own very first Change, as the children were destined to become Shifters as well. Thankfully, she wasn't entirely alone in the mix. Even in the close-knit lakeside community other Shifters could be found living quietly, secretively alongside the more mundane members of society. Friends, both Shifter and human, help Ellie shoulder the burden of walking in two worlds. But to her, the juggling act was more than worth it. This was where she wanted her boys to grow up, where the preternatural and everyday could coexist.

But no community, no matter how special or insular it may be, is ever immune from terror. There were some monsters that could even scare the things that go bump in the night. Ancient malevolences. Truest and darkest evil. And it will take efforts on the part of both her communities to defend the people and place they hold most dear, as well as sacrifice.

Ellie will do what she must to make sure her boys were safe. They were her heart and her future. But did they have to start noticing girls now? Really??? Their timing could not possibly be worse.

The Dark KinMy Review
The Dark Kin by Daniel James Miller

You know that feeling you get when you suddenly find yourself lost in a book and you realize you are already half way through, because it’s that good, there is so much going on and the characters are amazingly lifelike?? It happened to me with The Dark Kin by Daniel James Miller. It got that intense.

Journalists always poke around for their stories; sometimes they need to dig deep and for Ellie, she was happy with her job, her life in a close-knit community. She has her own secrets to keep and her sons to raise. Ellie walks a fine line between the human world and the world of shifters, but when evil strikes, lives are in danger, both human and shifter. The danger hits very close to home when her sons start noticing girls and will soon be faced with their first change, themselves. The daring and recklessness of youth, adds to the nightmare closing in and Ellie must find a way to put an end to the darkness that stalks her town. People are dying, and the evidence is brutal, what hell has this threat risen from? Can it be stopped? What must Ellie sacrifice? Who will follow her quest into danger?

After staging his world, introducing his characters, giving them life and a bit of their pasts, Mr. Miller digs deep into his tale of suspense, danger and intrigue while continually stirring the pot while adding his own particular method of storytelling. He has allowed his characters to make decisions that may or may not be good ones, but they added a true touch of realism, along with more fodder to push the plot down an increasingly jagged path! Shifters, ancient evil and humans, the battle for survival, it’s all here presented in such a way to cross genres from suspense to paranormal and back. Take a walk on the wild side, with The Dark Kin, but keep a flashlight handy when things go bump in the night! 4.5 Stars!

I received a review copy from Daniel James Miller in exchange for my honest review.

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