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Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton

Atlantis Twisting Tides
by Allie Burton

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Lost Daughters of Atlantis - Novella
Publication Date: November 4, 2014
Publisher: Allie Burton
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 66 pages
Available from: Amazon | iTunes


When unrest threatens her kingdom, a mermaid princess must choose between loyalty and love.

When fifteen-year-old Atlantean Princess Adria sneaks away to see a hurricane on the surface of the ocean, she finds an air-breather in trouble. Kai’s sailboat is sinking and Adria risks exposure of her Atlantean powers in order to save him.

Kai believes he’s rescuing Adria. He’s Atlantean too, with his own skills and secrets.

The two teens stumble onto an uninhabited island still thinking the other needs rescuing. When other Atlanteans show up—Atlanteans plotting against Adria’s kingdom—Adria must decide whether to trust Kai based on the guy she’s come to know or the company he keeps.

Atlantis Twisting TidesMy Review
Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton

When a teenager is told NOT to do something, isn’t that often a red flag for them to at least contemplate the action? Atlantean Princess Adria decides now is the time to see a hurricane on the surface of the ocean. Rule number one is to NOT be seen by humans, or air-breathers, but when Adria sees an attractive boy in trouble on the waters far too treacherous for his small boat, she tries to figure out how to save him without him knowing. Meanwhile, Kai has his own secrets and doesn’t need saving, but admires the young girl’s bravado. When they find a secluded island to wait out the storm, they are joined by more Atlanteans who are attempting to overtake Adria’s father’s kingdom, bringing war to a peaceful domain. Is it time to show her true colors? What surprise does Kai have for her? Another surprise awaits her as her brother, the Crown Prince comes to save her, and he knows these evil fiends.

Her heart says trust Kai, but her head says he is not who she thought he was and now both Adrian d her brother may be killed. Can they escape and warn her father in time? Maybe she should have listened to everyone who warned of the dangers at the water’s surface.

Short and sweet, packed with good tension and some fascinating characters, Atlantis Twisting Tides by Allie Burton is a quick read that sparks an interest in getting to know the rest of the series. If you are looking for a quick read, feel the need to learn more of the tales behind mermaids and sirens, without having to forfeit entertainment, I think this has just the right touch of teen attitude, romance and danger to hold you from start to finish!

I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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