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Child of Privilege by Ross Ponderson

Child of Privilege
by Ross Ponderson

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Ross Ponderson
Genre: Literary Fiction
Print Length: 316 pages
Available from: Amazon


Dana Van Werner has had enough.

To the casual observer, Dana's life is a fairytale: a palatial mansion, wealth, ease, privilege, luxury, and social standing. But beneath the cultured facade of high society life lurks a nightmare: frequent beatings, constant fear, public and private humiliation, parental violence, and a powerful, mean-tempered father who hates her guts.

She has had enough.

Now she's running to save her life.

She doesn't know where she's going, where her next meal is coming from, or where she'll sleep tonight.

She has a bus ticket and $200 in her pocket.

But she's running straight into a deadly showdown.

That's the dilemma 19-year-old Dana Van Werner faces in "Child of Privilege," an Adult Contemporary Romance novel. This stark and gritty story takes the heartbreak of domestic violence and weaves it into a tale of courage, strength, and determination. You'll watch this lovable and down-to-earth teenager (who is more "girl next door" than debutante) grow up quickly as she confronts intercity buses, seedy motels, wet t-shirt contests, jail cells, honky-tonks, and predatory night people light-years from the gentrified social strata of home. All the while, she struggles to outrun a parade of private investigators hired by her father to bring her back … at any cost.

You'll find yourself cheering for this endearing underdog as she searches for a new home and a new life, and finds a gentle, caring man who truly loves her.

The story reaches its climax with a tragic accident and the uncovering of a humiliating family secret. It then reaches a flashpoint as long-simmering anger, resentment, and hunger for revenge finally boil over into a terrifying showdown between Dana and her father. This bloody confrontation will be fatal for several of the characters.

Will Dana be strong enough to free herself from her revenge-obsessed father? Does she possess the courage to find herself a new home and a new life far removed from high society?

What a relaxing way to spend an evening: your favorite beverage, a bowl of munchies, your coziest comforter, and my story of one woman's perilous journey to free herself from domestic violence … and ultimately find herself.

Child of PrivilegeMy Review
Child of Privilege by Ross Ponderson 

Life isn’t fair…and no one knew this better than Dana Van Werner, born into wealth and privilege, beautiful, talented, and smart, to the outside world she has it all, right? The reality of Dana’s life was one of living a tortured hell inside her gilded cage. With a loving mother, who is totally submissive to her brutally abusive husband, Dana used to live in fear of being her father’s next target. And then it happened, all of the rage and fury was unleashed on her. No matter what, she was never good enough for her father. A powerful and feared attorney, he dominated his world, and his world was to be perfect to all who saw it, if not he could buy that perfection.

No longer willing to be his whipping girl, Dana flees with no destination in mind, just away, where her father cannot find her. She almost succeeded, but always, his hired goons would find her as she scraped by however she could from bus stop to bus stop, town to town. No one to trust, no one to care, no one to miss her if she is caught and returned to her personal hell. Enter one young sheriff who sees something special in Dana that even she no longer sees. But fate has other plans, as disaster brings Dana rushing back to her “home.” What she learns, sees and does goes beyond a mere nightmare and makes her past pale in comparison to the horror that she becomes embroiled in. Will she come out more shattered and splintered than before or will the truth set her free?

Child of Privilege by Ross Ponderson reads like a sucker punch to every human emotion, every normal sensibility. Dark, gritty and brutally detailed, this gut-clenching read will leave you uncomfortable, sickened at times and in awe of this young heroine for her determination and drive.
Ross Ponderson doesn’t write for the faint of heart, his writing is as stark and hard as the tale he tells about a world that should never exist for anyone. Spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, lies, deceit and the evil of twisted power, it’s all here. If one can get through that, the sweetness of love both buffers and exaggerates the heinous life the heroine lived. Truly, this is word crafting at its best, no emotion is left unscathed, no scene is murky or shadowed and the connection to any events is raw. If this doesn’t open your eyes to what may go on behind closed doors, nothing will.

I received this copy from Ross Ponderson in exchange for my honest review.

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