Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Earth by Jessica Frances (The Invasion Trilogy, #1)

by Jessica Frances

Carol rates this:  5 stars

Earth is book one in The Invasion Trilogy by Jessica Frances. This book is crazy good and actually scared me a bit. Not because it is frightening but because it made me wonder…what if???

Imagine if you will that there is intelligent life on other planets. And one particular planet has inhabitants that look just like us, breath, eat, reproduce, just like us. The biggest difference is that they don’t know joy, passion or love like we do. But they do feel honor, loyalty, respect, fear and anger.

Marduke is from the planet Oden. He and his older brother, Ival, have been sent to Earth to scope things out before their planet invades. Their father is the leader of Oden and every planet he acquires adds to his power. His latest conquest is Earth. Marduke and Ival are living in Oregon. It is by accident one day that Marduke leaves the apartment and sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen jogging. He’s not supposed to feel these feelings, especially for a human.

“What is her name? How does her voice sound? What does her smile look like? Does she have a mate? Is she as sweet as she appears? Why is she jogging alone?”

Matilda or Mattie is from Australia and is attending the University of Oregon on a basketball scholarship. Little did she know how much her life would change on that day that some of the other countries started going dark. What has happened? Where is everyone? Is her family okay? So she and two of her best friends, Hank and Lisa join a group and travel into Canada to try to find out what is going on. To their horror they find huge machines that are killing everyone, tearing towns apart. But right in the midst of it all she sees an incredible act of kindness, a man that puts himself right in the line of fire to save a little girl. When she asks his name, he says, “Marduke!”

So Marduke joins up with Mattie and her friends, they believing he is human. Mattie is as drawn to Marduke as he is to her and bonds begin to form.

“She is beginning to become everything to me, and I don’t know how to force those feelings away.”

These four are faced with unbelievable horrors in their quest to survive. But the bonds grow stronger and love grows. Marduke, though, struggles with his loyalties. How can he betray his family, throw away everything he was raised to stand for, by loving this one human. But he can’t leave her, can’t not protect her. But what will happen once she realizes who and what he really is? That he is really the enemy? And what his planet is doing to the humans is wrong. He has seen beauty here. Love, families, kindness.

Mattie is so brave. With what she is forced to face each day, she continues to be strong. Inside, though, she is scared. And in the midst of all this horror, how can it be possible that she meets the first man she has ever been attracted to? Talk about bad timing. But they have saved each other’s lives countless times. She can’t imagine not having him with them.

“What will happen to Earth? Will those machines leave once they’ve killed everyone? Or will more come to inhabit the planet? Will Earth be overrun by those things?”

This book is a crazy ride. As I said before, though, I think the thing that is most unnerving is the “what if” factor! How do we know there might not be an Oden out there somewhere with inhabitants that look just like us, just waiting to take over our planet? I can’t wait to continue on with book two, Roth, to see what happens next with Marduke, Mattie, Hank and Lisa.

“Earth WILL BE returned to us no matter the sacrifice we have to make to ensure it happens.

Earth belongs to us.”

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