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I Love You, Salvatore by Marita A. Hansen (Five Families, #1)

I Love You, Salvatore
by Marita A. Hansen

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Five Families - Book 1
Publication Date: December 18, 2014
Publisher: Marita A. Hansen
Genre: Romance
Print Length: 171 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Every love story is important, whether it ends in a happy-ever-after or tragedy, because two people shared something so special that it made them value each other’s life more than their own. I know this is true because my life with Salvatore Santini was a beautiful love story…

One that ended far too soon.

But I would rather live for only one day with him, than suffer a lifetime without him. Being with Salvatore was worth a thousand deaths. Through him, I experienced heaven on earth, something very few people find. So don’t cry for me, I was truly happy. But if you can’t stop your tears, save them for Salvatore…

The one I left behind.

The Five Families series is a collection of standalone novels and novellas centered around different members of ruling mafia families on a famous island off the southern coast of Italy.

Books from this series can be read as a companion to The Santini Brothers and My Masters' Nightmare series.

I Love You, Salvatore covers 26 years, chronicling Rosa's and Salvatore's love story. It's broken up into 3 parts: The Early Years (age 10-19), The Middle Years (20-29), The Final Years (30-36), with a current 2014 scene spliced through. It's from Rosa's point of view.

I Love You, Salvatore (The Five Families, #1)My Review
I Love You, Salvatore by Marita A. Hansen 

Grab some tissues, reign in your heart and your temper, dust off your passport, we’re going to travel across both an ocean and time in a truly contemporary tragic love story staged in the violent world of the heartland of the Mafia. Two young children from totally different backgrounds meet, Rosa is the young daughter of a seamstress, Salvatore is the son of a Mafia Don. Their worlds are polar opposites, but attraction knows no boundaries, it just is, and when it’s real, and friendship and love grows, there is nothing that can stop it. Rosa is revisiting her life with Salvatore since age ten. He is handsome, has a quiet power that surrounds him that she doesn’t understand. He comes from wealth, and the type of power that even those in authority fear, a position where politics play an even bigger role than love.

Salvatore’s family has plans for him; they have arranged a marriage that is beneficial to the family. Rosa has never been good enough in their eyes, she has no power to give them, and she would not make a good wife to a powerful Mafia son. Salvatore, although his heart is not in it, is destined to follow in the family business. But these two hold an ace that changes everything and Rosa’s own strong will will become the catalyst to their marriage. Their devotion to each other brings them through the most heartbreaking times, strengthening their love, proving their love. Will Rosa ever be accepted into the family? Is she a weakness that others can use against Salvatore?

People change, but behind closed doors their love is a raging inferno. Rosa’s stroll down memory lane is truthful, sometimes emotionally crushing, but a beautiful look at love that few ever really feel. Will it last through eternity? Will it strengthen with time? Will it be enough to carry her Salvatore through life? Will the family taint the love they have? Will they have to separate after all these years?

I love, absolutely love when one of those hidden gems pop up and total blind me with its brilliance! Sure, I read the synopsis and I thought I knew where this was going to go and how it was going to get there, I was not even close. Marita A. Hansen has absolutely created a beautiful, yet painful love story that spanned decades, ups and downs, happiness and sadness, and never once did I doubt the depth of the love between Rosa and Salvatore! That is skilled writing, to build so many obstacles, so much danger and never once let the love die out through the changes that life brings is so refreshing to see. Ms. Hansen’s ability to transcend decades with such smooth transitions and is phenomenal, to do it through the eyes, mind and heart of one character, is what makes this tale so strong, so riveting and so memorable.

I received this copy from Marita A. Hansen in exchange for my honest review.

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