Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oden by Jessica Frances (The Invasion Trilogy, #3)

by Jessica Frances

My rating: 5 stars

Oden is the third and final book in The Invasion Trilogy by Jessica Frances. This series is heart stopping, heart breaking, intense, crazy and even sweet. In one word, it is AMAZING!

“I am nineteen-years-old, and as of right now, I feel like I have lived a hundred years.”

Mattie has lost everything. Her parents were killed. Her planet has been invaded and there is so much destruction she doesn’t know if it can ever be rebuilt. But she did gain something, Marduke. She is in love with Marduke. And she is pregnant. She will do whatever is needed to protect her unborn child.

Mattie, Logan, Marduke, Hannah, Lisa and the little girls have all found their way to Oden and eventually find each other. The joy of their reunion is short lived, though, when they finally discover what Marduke really is, one of the race of aliens that started this whole mess by invading earth. When they discover that Mattie is also pregnant, she doesn’t know if they will ever forgive her.

Marduke is experiencing more and more human emotions. The depth of his love for Mattie and their unborn child consumes him. But he is constantly torn between his love for Mattie and compassion for the humans and the loyalty to his brother Ival and to his own race.

In the first book of this series, our characters were attacked by hinemas, the giant machines that invaded earth. In the second book, they were attacked by the claws but soon learned that the person that put the claws on the planets to attack was Jeprow that wanted revenge against Marduke and Ival’s family. So now, in this final book, the war is full on. The claws are attacking the planets, the hinemas are trying to kill the claws, and Jeprow is trying to kill Marduke and Ival and anyone that is important to either of them, namely Mattie.

“How can everything be so unfair? Why can’t we simply catch a break?”

This book is told by two points of view, alternating between Mattie and Marduke. Each page holds a new danger for these characters. They get out of one dangerous situation and enter right into a new one. You are constantly left wondering if they could ever make it out of this alive.

Jeprow proves himself to be even more dangerous than the hinemas or the claws because he is flat out crazy. His life has had one goal and that is revenge and I believe the darkness he has inside him has slowly made him crazy. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The pain he causes Mattie and Marduke is unbelievable.

“Now there is nothing left. We’ve lost this fight. I’ve lost everything.”

The humans are forced to fight alongside the race that initially invaded earth to fight the horrible claw creatures. But can they really beat them. Is Jeprow’s evil more than they can battle? Is Mattie strong enough to survive everything that has happened to her?

There were so many times I thought they couldn’t go on. That they just couldn’t take any more. Or maybe it was me that couldn’t take it! I was right there with them the whole time, trying to win, trying to survive. I fell in love with little five year old Logan and ached for all that Mattie lost.

I think the beauty of this book is the strength of the humans to do whatever they had to do to survive. And in their greatest time of need, they came together in peacefulness and love to rebuild their homes and lives. This series is amazing, intense, and fantastically wonderful. I highly recommend it. Jessica Frances, you are an awesome author and I am so happy you gave me the opportunity to read your books and trusted me with them. I will forever remember these characters.

“Mattie, my life mate, you have my heart now and always.”
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