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Perception by A.L. Waddington

by A.L. Waddington

Carol's rating: 4.5 stars

Perception is book three in the Eve series by A.L. Waddington.

Can you imagine going through life as a normal almost eighteen year old teenager, starting your senior year, but in a matter of weeks, your entire life and everything you have thought you understood has changed? This is the circumstances Jocelyn Timmons has found herself in. In the first two books of this series, she discovers that she has inherited EVE (Essence Voyager Era) from her Uncle. She is existing on two different planes of existence, at the same time. The current date is Thanksgiving, November 26, 2009. But her “other” life is in 1878. In the first two books, she has trouble accepting this in both of her lives. But I really like how Jocelyn has grown in this third book. She is stronger and stands up for herself more. She still hasn’t decided if this is a gift or a curse. But she is more willing to accept her circumstances as her barriers continue to crumble in both her lives.

In 2009 Jocelyn has just met Jackson Chandler, her now fiancĂ©. But in 1878, they have been sweethearts all her life. But, as far as Jocelyn’s family knows, she has only known Jackson for a matter of weeks when they became engaged. By now Jocelyn has turned 18 so legally her parents have no say. But, still, as a parent I can understand their concerns since they have no idea that the “other” Jocelyn has known Jackson for so much longer. Still, the way that her mother and brother, Ethan, reacted and the way they treated her, I simply can’t excuse. To be angry is one thing, but to completely cut off your child, never speak to her, don’t stay in the room with her, for week after week, I just can’t condone. We are supposed to love our children unconditionally. Not to love them only if they adhere to the life plan we have for them. I have to say, though, that her father was her rock of support. He hung in there, stuck as he was between his daughter and his wife, and supported her as best he could.

“We actually get to experience the best of both worlds in one lifetime. This gift or curse, whichever you believe it to be, gives us a rare opportunity to really have it all.”

The differences in both of Jocelyn’s lives is astounding. In 1878, of course there is no technology, no cars. Medical science is so far removed from what we know today. But the families are so much closer. The love and support she experiences is so comforting. In 2009 she has cars, cell phones, computers, and all life’s fun toys. But her family is not close. They don’t eat together or talk. Thank goodness she has Jackson’s family to go to for support and to help her as her barriers continue to crumble.

“As I have told you before, my love, regardless of what time we are in, you may take full comfort in knowing that you are always my Jocelyn.”

We all wish that we get to experience true love, that once in a lifetime soul mate. But to have him twice, in both her lives is more than anyone could hope or wish for. Jackson is her love and her life. In 1878 it is accepted that couples marry young. But, not so much in current times. I loved that we got to experience Jocelyn and Jackson’s wedding in both times. And both brought tears to my eyes. Both were beautiful in their different ways.

“All I wanted, all I would ever want, was right here in my arms. Nothing else in the world existed but the two of us.”

I really enjoyed this book and the continuation of Jocelyn and Jackson’s story. The entire book happens between Thanksgiving and January 5. They have gone through so much to overcome all they have been dealt so far. I can’t wait to see what is in store for them next in the fourth and final book, Illumination, due out in April of next year. Thank you so much to A.L. Waddington for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I really did enjoy it and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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