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Phoenix Inheritance by Corrina Lawson (Phoenix Institute #4)

Phoenix Inheritance

Written by: Corrina Lawson
Series: Phoenix Institute
Sequence in Series: #4
ISBN-13: 9781619222830
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 3/3/2015
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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To save their son, they might have to sacrifice their love—and their lives.

Ex-Navy SEAL Daz Montoya and rescue dog handler Renee Black have made a career out of saving people. But when their whirlwind affair resulted in pregnancy, Daz’s verbal fumble tore their budding relationship apart.

It’s been a tough eight years for Renee, raising Charlie alone with his autism-fueled impulsiveness, but she’s managed—until now. When she has to chase him to the edge of a cliff in a snowstorm, seeing the face of their rescuer is just the rotten cherry on top of an already rough day.

In the close confines of a snowbound cabin, Renee and Daz rediscover the heat still simmering between them. But while Renee welcomes Daz’s renewed determination to help Charlie however he can, she’s reluctant to trust him with her heart.

With the Phoenix Institute’s help, Renee and Daz discover their son’s gift for animal telepathy is real. And that to save him from old enemies that would kill to control him, they must join forces—and risk losing everything they’ve ever loved.

Warning: This novel contains explicit reunion sex and characters used to mixing a little danger in with their romance.

Phoenix Inheritance (The Phoenix Institute, #4)Phoenix Inheritance by Corrina Lawson

An act of heroism brought them together but ill-timed words torn them apart.

Renee Black and Daz Montoya had the chemistry but when an unexpected pregnancy comes into the picture, it torn their budding relationship apart. The job came first.

Years later a freak storm threatens Renee and their son’s Charlie’s lives and who comes to the rescue…the last person they expect…Daz.

Not willing to pass up a chance to fix his mistakes Daz, plunges head first into winning his family back into his life. Will his career choices once again threaten his happiness or will it save the family he wants in his life.

I not a big fan of stories vacillating between past and present plot lines but after a while the vacillation actually grew on me. We are giving a front row seat to both Renee’s and Daz’s “courtship” and relationship as well as the current state of affairs.

Lawson adds a very unique twist to this romance and reuniting tale, by giving Charlie as well as many of Daz’s friend’s supernatural abilities.

I loved the reveling in the geek-dom atmosphere created by the character's fascination with comic book action heroes.

In the end, it was a fun and entertaining story but didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed it and would like to get a deeper connection to the clan at the Phoenix institute.

I received this ARC copy of Phoenix Inheritance from Samhain Publishing in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication March 3, 2015.

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