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Rules for Riders by Natalie Scott

Rules for Riders
by Natalie Scott

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Perfect Bound Marketing
Genre: YA Romance
Print Length: 235 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


After a near fatal riding accident, Bebe Barkley is banned from riding and sent off to boarding school. Finn Foxley, her roommate and partner in crime, devise a plan to get themselves kicked out of school, in order to return to the world they love.
Once back on the Equestrian circuit, best friends will become deadly rivals! Enter Billy O'Reilly, Bebe's handsome trainer, who will enforce 7 Rules that will turn Bebe's world up upside down forever.

Rules for RidersMy Review
Rules for Riders by Natalie Scott 

What child hasn’t wanted to be either a cowboy/girl or maybe even own their own horse? What is it about the majesty and raw strength of horses that pulls those with the financial means in and makes the world of equestrian riding become part of the very air they breathe?

For Bebe Barkley, her world was torn out from under her after a serious riding accident that ended up with her being sent off to boarding school as punishment. Bebe lived for that feeling of freedom on her horse, they were a unit, but now life has another chapter for her to explore. Bebe’s life is in upheaval, but making a best friend with a rebellious side was just what she thought she needed to get booted from school and back into the saddle. Finn is just as competitive as Bebe and their friendship is frozen out by the fierce competitions they enter. Is winning really everything, no matter the cost? Maybe her new trainer, Billy O’Reilly can show Bebe the true meaning of being the best you can be, in and out of the arena.

Rules for Riders by Natalie Scott will take many readers back to their own glory days in the arena, no matter your riding style. One not so pleasant part was the competition, the need to take it all, the lack of true camaraderie in this amazing world. Her style of writing reads “true to life” in so many ways. Fast-paced, filled with angst and the mistakes of young riders as they forsake even their animals for the win, this tale is steeped in high emotional turmoil and intense plotting. Softening the edginess is the calming effect of Billy, his stability lends an air of maturity and an emotional warmth for Bebe, as she begins to understand what life, responsibility and being supportive is all about. I was jumping the hurdles, the water jumps and feeling these majestic animals gathering it all up for their rider as well as a fly on the wall to the struggles of youth when a freeing joy becomes an obsession.

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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