Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

Steam Me Up, Rawley

Written by: Angela Quarles
Series: The Mint Julep & Monocle Chronicles
Sequence in Series: 1
BN ID: 2940046315110
Publisher: Unsealed Room Press
Publication date: 1/14/2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Steampunk Romance
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Jack the Ripper might be in town. But is marriage more terrifying?

In an alternate Deep South in 1890, society reporter Adele de la Pointe wants to make her own way in the world, despite her family’s pressure to become a society wife. Hoping to ruin herself as a matrimonial prospect, she seizes the opportunity to cover the recent Jack the Ripper-style murders for the newspaper, but her father's dashing new intern suggests a more terrifying headline—marriage.

Dr. Phillip Rawley’s most daring exploit has been arriving at his new home in America in a hot air balloon. A tolerable sacrifice, if it means he can secure the hand of his new employer’s daughter in a marriage of convenience. But Adele works, she's spirited, and she has an armored pet monkey running her errands. Not only does she not match his notions of a proper lady, she stirs up feelings he’d rather keep in tight control.

With Adele hunting down a headline and Dr. Rawley trying to protect and pursue her, a serial killer is spreading panic throughout Mobile, Alabama. Can Adele and Rawley find the murderer, face their fears, and discover true love?

Steam Me Up, RawleyMy Review:
Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

Steam Me Up, Rawley is a fun, exciting, new steampunk series that takes place in a 1890 American alternate history. Although the story is in an alternate fictitious history, women still face the discrimination found until the mid to later 1900's...and Adele de la Pointe is the perfect woman to buck the system. I only wish I could have the strength of character Adele shows throughout the story.

Adele's father, a renowned plastic surgeon makes a “bargain” with a British up in coming plastic surgeon. His bargain, marry his daughter, come work along side him and he will preform a much needed surgery on Phillips disfigured sister.

Adele being of an independent nature doesn't want to chance her heart to a man who will expect her to conform. Phillip thinks its a done deal, but quickly discovers he has a lot to work for...

Adele trying to make her own way in the world makes her own bargain with her father, gain the position of lead investigative reporter in the local paper and he'll leave her future to her own devices. The only problem, Adele's investigation puts her in the sights of a serial killer.

I loved watching two flawed characters come together and find what they are absolutely not looking for...in each other. The story has an endearingly naive quality with two very brilliant characters. I was utterly engaged from the beginning and invested till the end. I am anxious for more of Angela Quarles The Mint Julep & Monocle Chronicles.

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