Monday, December 29, 2014

The Stolen Dragon of Quanx by Becca Mann (The Eyes Trilogy #1)

The Stolen Dragon of Quanx
The Eyes Trilogy
by Becca Mann

My rating: 5 star Favorite!

Series: The Eyes Trilogy
Publication Date: October 26, 2014
Publisher: Shark Tooth Publishing
ISBN: 0578143623
Genre: Fantasy
Age Level: 9 - 16 | Grade Level: 4 - 12
Print Length: 322 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


In Quanx, there is no hiding who you are.... In a land of tribes where people are defined by the color of their eyes, disaster is ready to strike. With peace barely hanging by a thread, the King of Vitchreonyo makes a risky decision. What he doesn't know is that his plan may not end how he thinks.... Then Kale, a fisherman's daughter, is trapped in a tunnel where she makes a shocking discovery. And that discovery may very well lead to the destruction of her entire world. Kale takes up a challenge of following a path forbidden to her in a race to save Quanx from a tribe of conniving dragons. With the help of three uncooperative companions, Kale must steal a dragon egg or die trying. The Stolen Dragon of Quanx is the first novel in The Eyes Trilogy, a compelling new series that will pull you into a fascinating world...and leave you breathlessly waiting for the sequel!

The Stolen Dragon of Quanx: The Eyes TrilogyMy Review
The Stolen Dragon of Quanx by Becca Mann

Prepare to be amazed, enthralled and swept away with author Becca Mann’s The Stolen Dragon of Quanx: The Eyes Trilogy. Written to captivate the minds of younger readers, this tale of dragons in a world of fantasy knows no age limit for its audience. In a land where the color of one’s eyes denotes the tribe they belong to and their heritage, a group of teens is brought together to endure trials, travel, treacherous danger and even death. Their mission? To find and steal a priceless dragon egg from a fierce tribe of magical dragons and save their world from war and utter destruction. From different backgrounds, walks of life and filled with learned distaste or mistrust of those who are different, these teens will surmount the insurmountable, suffer loss and betrayal from their own group and learn to trust and depend on those around them.

Will they complete their mission and snatch the egg from the claws of the most powerful dragon ever? Has their quest been a true one or are there even more darkness and evil waiting for them?

Who better to know what will entice a younger reader than a young adult? With the talent and poise of a seasoned author, Becca Mann has shown her gift in astounding detail! There is reason in her style, the chaos is in the action she has conjured and her characters do more than leap off the pages, they breathe, they have emotions and that air of youthful tenacity that perfectly defines their age group.

Ms. Mann does NOT allow us to get bored, lose focus and, heaven forbid, skip a page. Every detail is necessary and you will want to know it. Every fantasy author has their own style and hook to keep their readers enthralled and Becca Mann has it in spades! Tales like this belong in every library, public, private, electronic, and every young reader should have access to a fantasy that allows them to feel part of the story. Did I like this? Do I want more from Becca Mann? Really? You have to ask? YES!!!

I received this copy from Becca Mann in exchange for my honest review.

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