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The Virgin Conquest by R. J. Will (Love Through the Ages, #1)

The Virgin Conquest 
By R. J. Will

My Rating: 5 Stars

Series:  Love Through the Ages
December 12, 2014
Publisher: R. J. Will
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 114 pages 
Available from: Amazon 


Harvey Holloway and Wanda McFalls were among life's social misfits. Both were high school seniors nearing their 19th birthday. Neither had ever had a date. Both were virgins.

For years, Wanda fantasized about being intimate with a boy. Harvey had similar fantasies about girls. Wanda finally got a chance to make her fantasy a reality when Harvey mustered his courage and asked her to be his date at their senior graduation dance and party. Wanda, to prove to herself she was a virgin heroine, gathered her courage and said yes.

Because neither Harvey nor Wanda could dance, and really had no interest in it anyway, they made an obligatory appearance at the dance, then headed straight for the party. More precisely, they headed for the back seat of Harvey's car, where, despite their fear of the unknown, things were heating up nicely until …

Shots were fired and the police swarmed the party venue, a wooded area just outside of town, and Harvey and Wanda's dreams were abruptly shattered.

It was only the first of a series of obstacles Harvey and Wanda ran into, but a funny thing happened on the way to their post-high-school, post-virginity world.

They started to fall in love.

Days after the shooting, the determined pair lost their virginity in a grassy clearing on the banks of the Missouri River. The brief hilarity that ensued – "jumping for joy" – ended badly when Harvey broke his ankle.

The broken ankle was bad enough in itself, but over the weeks and months it led to tragic consequences for the couple, and eventually they split up. But Harvey lost a lot more than the young woman he once loved. He was no longer the young man he used to be.

Could the couple repair the damage that had been done? Could Wanda once again muster her courage, as well as her strength and perseverance, in an effort to restore what once held such promise?

The Virgin Conquest is Vol. 1 of Love Through the Ages, a five-book bundle of contemporary romance fiction love novellas. Love Through the Ages is not an ordinary series. Each book is a stand-alone. The setting for each book is the same, the fictitious city of Neehawk, Nebraska. But the characters in each book are different, and they are older in each succeeding book – thus "love through the ages." The characters in The Virgin Conquest are 18-20 years old. The characters in Vol. 5 of the bundle are in their 70s.

But love is the same throughout. 

My Review
The Virgin Conquest by R. J. Will

Remember your high school days? How about the Senior Prom, wondering if you would be asked, or wondering if you asked someone, would they say yes? For social outcasts, it can become a painful nightmare, to once again not be deemed good enough to be asked out, and don’t forget the locker room bantering, about who got “lucky” and who didn’t. R. J. Will puts the emotional spotlight on two such teens, both outcasts, both virgins, neither of them had even had a date. The Virgin Conquest is a clumsy, yet sweet tale of a rite of passage for Harvey and Wanda, with a few twists and interruptions along the way. What they found was more than getting lucky, talk about love working in strange ways!

R. J. Will has nailed the insecurities of two teens longing to be accepted, to know the experiences of other teens, to date, to be special and to for just once, feel that reckless streak other teens do. Harvey and Wanda have priceless moments of inept passion, admissions of their inexperience and acceptance of each other. They also have to deal with a mystery, gunshots and telling a few little lies to cover up their foiled activities. Get ready to chuckle, grin and just find these two characters completely adorable in their quest to be one of the gang. There isn’t even time to sit in judgment of their efforts to lose their virginity, because what they find together is beyond a fling to be remembered, years from now! If this first novella in R. J. Will’s new series is any indication of what to expect, we are in for a fun ride! Quick, light, endearing, fumbling and all!

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