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The Wizard's Daughters by Michael Dalton (Twin Magic, #1)

The Wizard's Daughters
by Michael Dalton

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Twin Magic - Book 1
Publication Date: November 11, 2014
Publisher: Michael Dalton
Genre: Adult Fantasy/Steampunk
Print Length: 184 pages
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When down-on-his-luck swordsman Erich von Jülich-Berg accepts a job protecting Walther the Artificer on a trip from his village to the Free City of Köln, his only motivation is to replenish his empty purse.

Walther’s twin daughters Ariel and Astrid, skilled mages in their own right, are in search of a husband. But marriage for mages carries with it unique challenges, for their mate will be chosen solely by their place in the magical Flow—not their hearts.

Erich soon finds himself caught up in a drama that will return him to a painful and dangerous place in his life that he thought he had long left behind, and pull him into the lives of two unusual women he soon grows to care about—but cannot have.

In this unique alternate history adventure set in pre-Reformation Germany, Michael Dalton spins a twisted but entertaining steampunk fairy tale that is sure to entertain old fans and new.

The Wizard's Daughters (Twin Magic Book 1)My Review
The Wizard's Daughters by Michael Dalton

Is it an adventure? Steampunk? Fantasy? Is it steamy, spicy, quirky, and a little mind-boggling? Does it completely entertain in the best way? The answer is yes, The Wizard’s Daughters by Michael Dalton is…all of the above.
Erich, a skilled and once wealthy swordsman is down to his last coin. He is hired by a gentleman wishing to take his twin daughters to “the city” to find well-matched husbands for these beautiful young women. Erich’s charge is to assure safe travel for Walther and his daughters, as thieves, monsters and who knows what could be met upon the road. It’s a job well suited to Erich’s skills, right? It isn’t the dangers on the road that worry him, but the dangers of their destination. Seems that Erich is keeping secrets that may just rear their ugly heads in his dreams, or worse, if he is recognized in the city he fled from years before.

The twins are also hiding a secret, as talented mages, it is well-known that only a mage that harmonizes their abilities can wed them. The problem arises because they are identical twins, who work better together than alone. Could it be possible this hunt for husbands could have a slight kink to it?

Michael Dalton has told a witty tale, twisted it up a bit and added just enough heat and spice to make a delightfully wicked read with an inspired solution! If you like your fantasy with wit, charm, danger and a brave knight, willing to take one for the team, you will enjoy The Wizard’s Daughters and their magical surprises. Their poor father.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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