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Torn Apart by Fallon Lak

Torn Apart
by Fallon Lak

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 17, 2003
Publisher: Publish America
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 263 pages
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Twenty-year-old Rebecca Stone is on the verge of becoming a world-famous fashion model when she falls in love with a handsome Italian pilot. His charm and his persistence immediately ignite a passionate fire within her, and against her parentas will and continuous objections from friends, Rebecca decides to marry the mysterious man. No one knows anything about the prospective bridegroom. The storybook marriage begins, and in time friends come to accept the groom, all except her mother, who maintains a virulent dislike toward him. Then one night as Rebecca holds tight to her unborn child she discovers the heart-breaking truth, but it becomes even more devastating when months later she is to face the real facts about her husband. A stunning tale of romance and suspense set against the worlds of big money and high fashion, this is the story of a family that is literally Torn Apart.

Torn ApartMy Review
Torn Apart by Fallon Lak

Rebecca had the world at her feet, an up and coming fashion model, beauty, the glamor, but only one thing kept her from living the fairytale life, love. Enter Michael Valentino, a slightly mysterious, but extremely attractive and charismatic man who has stolen Rebecca’s heart, as he sweeps her off her feet and makes her his bride. But all is not perfect; Rebecca’s parents question everything about this man, from his background to his motives to his suitability as their daughter’s husband.

Are they right to question the honor of her Knight in Shining Armor? Why is her mother particularly opposed to the very existence of Michael in Rebecca’s life? As Michael s gone on “business” more and more, Rebecca tries to hold strong to the love she believes they share, but something is off and she knows it. Little did she know the lives of everyone she cares about will be sent spiraling into a world of lies, immorality and infidelity, and Michael isn’t the biggest deceiver of all. How does one move on?

I don’t think Fallon Lak could have come up with a better title. Torn Apart is a tale of the most brutal and heartbreaking of betrayals and tucked it neatly into a romantic mystery that will have you tethered to every word as if your life depended on it. Hang on while each layer is unveiled and be sure to be sitting for the last big reveal, I swear, this one is one to remember. Devious, delicious, devastating, Fallon Lak had me hook, line and sinker with this one, proving that even the “Beautiful People” have dark skeletons in their closets. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

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