Monday, December 15, 2014

Transmuted by Karina Cooper (St. Croix Chronicles #6)


Written by: Karina Cooper
Series: St. Croix Chronicles
Sequence in Series: 6
ISBN-13: 9781426899485
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 1/26/2015
Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Steampunk | Scifi | Fantasy
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Book six of the St. Croix Chronicles

In this final installment of Cherry St. Croix's adventures, only one thing could compel the disgraced countess to return to Society—the threat of immortality.

All is not peaceful in the wake of the Midnight Menagerie's ruin. Although the Karakash Veil has been forced to flee its stronghold, the mysterious head of the criminal organization is not content to fade away.

Above the foggy drift, a priceless diamond vanishes. In the dangerous Underground, a murderous rampage demands retribution. The hunt for the mastermind behind these misdeeds sends me back to Society—and into the unforgiving embrace of the world I'd left behind.

Nothing is what it seems. Enemies, allies—and a man who struggles with a nature even devotion cannot tame. Torn between the scars of the past and fragile new beginnings, I must create balance in the world I have chosen—and with the people I have come to love. The game has changed; should the Veil achieve the immortality it craves, I will have nowhere left to run.

Transmuted (The St. Croix Chronicles, #6)My Review:
Transmuted by Karina Cooper

Another marvelous series is coming to a close, Transmuted is the sixth and final book in The St. Croix Chronicles.

The Midnight Menagerie is in ruins but the Karakash Veil’s plots are still riding right under the surface of London society. Nothing would send Cherry back into the arm’s of society except the new threat from the Veil and their search for immortality…especially when it strikes close to home.

The lines between allies and enemies blur as Cherry traverses the complicated web the veil has constructed.

I loved the conclusion, it held true to the story but still ended up surprising me in the end.

This was a must read series for me and I will miss these characters.

Karina Cooper’s vivid imagination and world constructed between reality and the ether was extraordinary. Cooper paints a perfect picture of her world in your head. She gives you just enough detail to complete the plot without weighing it down by overly descriptive narrative which I absolutely adore.

There are a few series that I would re-read and this is one I will be definitely be revisiting.

I received this ARC copy of Transmuted from Carina Press in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication January 26, 2015.

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