Saturday, December 27, 2014

Untamed by Brenda K. Davies (Vampire Awakenings #3)

by Brenda K. Davies

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Vampire Awakenings - Book 3
Publication Date: December 27, 2014
Publisher: Brenda K. Davies
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 275 pages
Available from: Amazon


His entire life Ethan has been keeping his more violent urges a secret from his family. They all think he is just antisocial, what they don’t know is that every day he struggles not to give into his growing desire to kill. Looking to escape for just a little bit and hoping that a change of scenery will help him, he agrees to join Isabelle and Stefan in Bermuda.

What he doesn’t expect is for Emma to walk into his life and change it in ways that he had never anticipated. Just when he finally begins to find some peace in his life, a dangerous threat from Emma’s past arrives. Ethan is willing to do anything to keep Emma safe, even if it means giving into the brutality that he’s spent his entire life fighting against. Giving in a little though, may mean giving in for forever, if he is unable to bring himself back from the darkness that has always enticed him.

***Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+***

The first book in this series, Awakened, is free. Each book in this series is a stand alone novel.

Untamed (Vampire Awakenings, #3)My Review
Untamed by Brenda K. Davies

Get your teenaged angst ready, because in a world where anything can happen, our college student-heroine comes face to face with a man who may hold the key to her future, a very long future, if she chooses to acknowledge that she is his soulmate. How long is very long? How about eternity, as an immortal. Ethan, hot, powerful, enchanting Ethan is a vampire who has a dark side he even keeps hidden from his family because it is terrifying, even to him. Ethan likes the thrill of live human blood, and he is unsure if he can control the urge to drain one to the point of death. Emma is fast becoming the keeper of his heart and he would do anything for Emma, including finding a way to keep her safe from her brutal ex-boyfriend, who is stalking her every move. I mean, really, what chance does a human have against a fierce vampire?

In order to do so, Ethan may have to reveal who he is to Emma. Will she accept him and continue to give him the peace his heart craves just from her touch, or will she run from the one man she was meant for? When Emma’s ex, Tristan, prepares his final move in his plan to take back Emma, a shocking reveal makes it impossible not to gasp as the battle between two titans of the night becomes a fierce battle of supernatural wills.

Untamed by Brenda K. Davies is a trip into the world of which fantasy is made. Wonderful, witty and often comically fresh characters stand out like shiny lights in this tale with so many dark elements. A quick read that has moments of defining twists, this is both entertaining and romantic. Although called a standalone, with the references to past books in the series, I felt I was missing something that would have given more substance to this paranormal read. I did enjoy the plot, the angst, the characters and do recommend it, but a series is a series, and I selfishly want it all!

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