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Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn (the Sevens Prophecy, #1)

Among the Shrouded
by Amalie Jahn

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: BERMLORD
ISBN-13: 9780991071302
Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Thriller
Print Length: 348 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


What if three psychic strangers came together to change the world?

Mia, Thomas, and Kate have paranormal abilities. And a common destiny.

They just don’t know it yet.

Rookie officer Mia Rosetti never doubts her gift, the ability to see if people are good or evil by looking at their auras. But when a mysterious (and handsome) stranger shows up in her lineup without one, her confidence waivers for the very first time.

From the other side of the one-way glass, Thomas harbors secrets of his own… an abusive past and the power to avoid danger.

Across the Atlantic, Kate uses her persuasive abilities to secure a better life for her sisters. At least that’s what she assumes when she applies for a dream job in the United States.

Amalie Jahn, author of the best-selling Clay Lion series, delivers another compelling young adult story of courage and perseverance. Among the Shrouded traces the lives of a Baltimore City police officer, an abandoned son of an addict, and a dedicated Ukrainian sister on a journey that reveals the significance of each of their gifts and the greater purpose of their collective lives.

Among the ShroudedMy Review
Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn 

What does it take to save the world? Doesn’t change begin with an individual? Three psychically gifted young people will be brought together by fate and true evil. Together they will become a triad of strength and determination that will save the lives of innocents being abused and expose evil for who and what it is.

Mia sees auras, as a police officer this comes in handy in determining guilt. Thomas, with his dark past has learned to avoid trouble completely. When Mia sees Thomas, he has no aura and this has never happened before, is this part of his becoming mentally invisible to others? Across the world, Kate dreams of a higher education and of helping people, but she became part of a brutal plot to force young girls into sexual slavery in the United States. She is relying on her mental telepathy to orchestrate an escape for those with her. Chance brings these three together and together they attempt to take on the big machines of crime and politics, while searching for Kate’s younger sisters who have also been kidnapped. Is their coming together part of a prophecy? Are there more like them? Will they live to save others in peril or will their bravery and sometimes rash moves backfire on those they wish to help?

Intrigue, mystery and a touch of romance drive this tale of an elite and unlikely team of gifted people who are determined to save those in need as their bond grows and their futures become filled with purpose.
Among the Shrouded by Amalie Jahn blends the paranormal with some of the most vile of crimes and black market cruelty, while adding just enough intrigue to move this tale along in a well-paced plot filled with human flaws and the fight of good against evil. Deceit and trickery, abuse and even love each take their moment in the spotlight as Ms. Jahn’s tale unfolds. She writes with a beautifully detailed style that creates an atmosphere of tension that fuels each page while bringing it to life as we attempt to guess the next act in a prophecy coming to fruition.

I was so impressed with Ms. Jahn’s style, which fits her tale to a tee. A hard to put down read, highly recommended!

I received this copy from Amalie Jahn in exchange for my honest review.

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