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Awakenings by Debbie Adam (Tri-light, #1)

by Debbie Adam

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Tri-light - Book 1
Publication Date: November 24, 2014
Publisher: Debbie Adam
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 318 pages
Available from: Amazon


Evelyn has spent her formative years at boarding school, as an outsider, learning most of what she knows of the world from the internet. At eighteen, she falls into a world of the supernatural. Where she finds her soul mate; Luc, the irresistibly, sexy vamp/mage hybrid and coven leader. He shows her things she could never have imagined were possible. Follow Evie’s journey of self-discovery as she meets mythical creatures, and finds out that the world she grew up in is a big fat lie.

Recommended for 18+ . This book contains over 118,000 words.‘Affinity’ and ‘Release’, books two and three in the series will follow soon.

Awakenings (Tri-Light #1)My Review
Awakenings by Debbie Adam

Imagine that everything you knew, your entire life was a lie, you are not who you were told you were, you belong to a world of myth, magic and creatures that “shouldn’t” exist. Welcome to Evelyn’s world, a world that for eighteen years was cold, almost a blur as, at a young age, she became an orphan, and was sent to a boarding school by a step-brother she never knew. Evelyn was an outcast, different, and the object of ridicule, pranks and cruelty by her schoolmates. Graduation at eighteen held only an adventure into the unknown, the real world where she could remake herself and never be lonely, again. Now imagine how prophetic those hopes and dreams would be come as she finds herself thrust into a world that shouldn’t exist, a world where she belongs, as she discovers who and what she really is, as well as love, real shared love that will last forever.

Sound like a great premise to a paranormal read? Sound familiar? I mean, seriously, it does. That is where Debbie Adams takes a sharp veer off the well-written path with her presentation of Awakenings; book one of the Tri-Light Series and her readers will be catapulted into a new world of demons, fae, vampires, covens and mages, like has never been seen!

Step back in time to Italy, mid-eighteenth century, see how supernaturals were turned into vampires, by one “man” in the hope of creating a hybrid retaining their talents from the time as humans. Andrea meets a young Fae princess and he must have her, but to what end? Andrea is dark, powerful and controlling, but one of his “minions” has a plan to thwart Andrea, will it work or will it begin a centuries long battle between good and evil? Flash forward to the present, to Evelyn and learn who and what she really is. Meet Luc, head of his coven, a powerful mage and centuries-old vampire who has finally found his soul mate in Evelyn. But will the world recognize her as Evelyn or must she keep another secret buried?

Get ready to sizzle and burn with the action, the tension, the unveiling of secrets, as well as the power and need for the physical expression of love and desire. Debbie Adam rocks this tale, no sparkly vampires, no mages twitching their noses, her tale has something to “bite” into and enjoy from start to finish. I do recommend blinders to shield yourself from the brilliance of this tale, as well as a fan to cool off with as Evelyn and Luc’s affections bring the word “heat” to a whole new level.

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