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Dark Liaison by J. D. Brown (Ema Marx, #2)

Dark Liaison
by J.D. Brown

My rating: 5 stars

Series Ema Marx - Book 2
Publication Date: May 29, 2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 400 pages
Available From: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Ema Marx wishes her life would go back to normal, but there's nothing normal about being a Romani-Vampyre with an ancestor who wants you dead. Apollyon is back, wreaking havoc on the lives of everyone she cares about while plotting her demise.

Ema thought she would find a new best friend in her trainer, Bridget, until the exotic vampire vies for Jesu's attention. Jesu can date who he wants, right? Ema has more important things to worry about, like honing her powers. When Apollyon's thugs appear out of the shadows to attack her, Ema knows it's time to take action. But everyone else has other plans in mind.

One thing is for certain, being under house arrest in the German vampyre king's castle was not part of her plan to save the day.

Dark Liaison is the second book in the Ema Marx Series by J.D. Brown.

Dark Liaison (An Ema Marx Novel 2)My Review
Dark Liaison by J. D. Brown

Is Ema ever going to get a break? I’m sure author J. D. Brown has got to bend sometime! Dark Liaison, book 2 in the Ema Marx series is carrying the tradition of dark danger, explosive action and heart-taunting romantic intrigue. Ema has resurrected her ancestor, Apollyon, not realizing the hell she is unleashing on an unsuspecting world. Now amassing his own evil supernatural army, his plans to overtake the world can come to fruition. Only one young vampire seems to be standing in his way, Ema. Trying to stay one step ahead of Apollyon and Jesu’s brother Jalmari, Ema and Jesu go into hiding, under the protection of other vampyres.

Ema may be the prophesied one, but a fighter, she is not. Enter Bridget, who befriends Ema as she trains her to protect herself. But does Bridget have her own agenda? Does it have anything to do with Jesu? Is there anyone who can be trusted to be an ally? What plans do others have for Ema? Will she be able to survive the final showdown when it comes? With her special gifts, some intense training and a lot of luck, the best odds she gets are 100-1 against that happening and she knows it. But how long can she safely hide?

No doubt about it! J. D. Brown can tell a dark and edgy tale with the best of the authors. The attention to detail is magnificent; every scene is like a 3D view of her world, and the tension? The tension spikes and spikes and spikes, and our poor trusting Ema continues to be tricked, fooled and abused, both emotionally and physically. Is it making her a stronger individual or is she beginning to crack from the pressure of this unfamiliar world? Perhaps she would just like to go back to what she knows, but surely, there is no looking back, now. Too bad the future is one big question mark for her.

Like the edgy side of vampyres and supernaturals? Like a slightly different take on the abilities and powers each clan possesses? Want the answer to: Why vampyres do not walk in the sunshine? It’s all here, all between the covers of some wonderfully intriguing reading.


  1. Fantastic review, Dianne.
    You description is most intriguing!
    Cheers to J.D. Brown!

    1. Thank you, Icky! J.D. Brown did an excellent job!