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Dreams by Savannah Morgan (Sapphire Springs, #1)

by Savannah Morgan

My rating: 5 stars

Series - Sapphire Springs - Book 1
Publication Date: July 20, 2014
Publisher: Savannah Morgan
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Fiction
Print Length: 440 pages
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For years Devin Blackthorn has prided himself on being an honorable man. He stepped in to take care of Kylie James when his younger half-brother, Allen, abandoned her when she was nine months pregnant. He has spent eleven years taking care of Kylie and her son, Jamie, as if they were his own. He never asked for anything in return and he never allowed his dominant sexual feelings for Kylie to show, always maintaining a safe distance from the much younger woman. Devin has been tortured by erotic dreams of Kylie for years. At his limit, Devin is ready to admit he wants her for himself. But when secrets from Kylie’s past threaten her and Jamie, Devin’s real feelings come out and he can do no less than protect the woman he loves and the son of his heart.

Kylie James has made mistakes in her life, but her son is not one of them. For eleven years she has kept the secret of Allen’s betrayal and remained quiet of his crimes. But when Allen returns, making demands, Kylie is afraid he is up to his old ways once again. To stop Allen from destroying her son, Kylie must confront her past and reveal the secrets she has kept from everyone. Will the truth destroy the love she has found in Devin’s arms? How can she possibly protect her son from a monster who never wanted him to be born? And how can she keep the past from destroying all her dreams for the future?

When Devin learns Allen has targeted Kylie and Jamie, once again he must put all his resources into protecting them, even if it means destroying his brother to do it. Can Devin protect everything he holds dear, or will Allen get his greatest wish–destroying Devin and Kylie and the child he blames for the ruin of all his dreams?

Dreams (Sapphire Springs #1)My Review
Dreams by Savannah Morgan

Grab some ice water or a fan, Dreams by Savannah Morgan is that hot, that intense and that steamy. Welcome to Sapphire Springs, home to the beautiful, the powerful, the devious and the users. Ahh, the webs they weave, the webs they become entangled in.

Years before, young Kylie was left high and dry by her self-absorbed boyfriend, Allen, pregnant, alone and scared. Enter her knight in shining armor, Allen’s older brother, Devin. No matter what, Devin was her rock, her savior, her protector and best friend, asking nothing in return. Or was he hiding his own feelings in favor of keeping Kylie and her son, Jamie safe? Devin was the only father-figure Jamie has known or wants.

As Kylie and Devin hide their true feelings, oblivious to everyone else sees, Allen has returned, acting as if he and Kylie can just pick up where he dumped her and move on. Allen is pure evil, or is he? It seems that the innocence of youth in Jamie nails the problem, states the solution and that is that. Kylie and Devin should marry and maybe Allen would just go away.
Too bad life isn’t that simple and adults can’t be that forthright and honest. So many webs could be unwoven, so many hearts could be given a second chance…dreams, erotic and romantic could come true instead of requiring a morning cold shower.

The chemistry between Devin and Kylie is hot enough to melt steel! Can this headstrong, independent woman submit to this dominating alpha’s fantasies and desires or will her past become an insurmountable nightmare that will ruin their dreams? Will the interference of others ruin their chances or will love conquer all? Full of twists, turns, and heat, lots of heat as Savannah Morgan unleashes her world on us, no holds barred!
Without a doubt, Savannah Morgan can write, build a world that is real, create characters that come alive and up both the sensual heat factor and the suspense factor to dizzying proportions! Wonderful storytelling, wonderful flow, in-your-face action, driven by characters and plot alike!

I was gifted this copy in exchange for my honest review.