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Eternal Redemption by Paul A. Wunderlich

Eternal Redemption
by Paul A. Wunderlich

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 26, 2014
Publisher: Paul A. Wunderlich
Genre: Horror | Dark Fantasy
Age Level: 12 - 18
Print Length: 35 pages
Available from: Amazon


A JOURNEY TO HELL to redeem long-lost love...and pride. A quest of utmost peril with no guaranteed return. How far would you go to regain true-love? It's darker than a man trying to redeem his loved one: he forsook her for ultimate power!

A mighty Necromancer must trespass into hell and face the Devil himself.

Frozen emotions thaw as purpose springs to life. It was not his ambitious conquest of the world that impassioned him, but the dead-end of a now broken delusion. After eons of eternal life, King Deathenor yearns to undo the bargain he struck with the Devil in exchange for ultimate power. He craves to redeem his shattered soul. Summoned by the awakening of a dusty theory, he contemplates trespassing into hell to relinquish the contract he signed with blood. Everything is at stake. Failure is not an option. If he prevails, death after corresponded love shall be his greatest triumph.

Eternal Redemption (Short&Powerful Stories #1)My Review
Eternal Redemption by Paul A. Wunderlich

Life is full of decisions, the ones we make seem perfect at the time, at least for us, but what about further down the road? Can one man, blinded to everything but the lust for dark power truly turn his back on love and his own soul? Could YOU forsake everyone and everything to gain the ultimate in power for eternity? Would you make a deal with the devil, thinking you can outsmart him later?

Eternal Redemption by Paul A. Wunderlich has more grit, more meat and more depth than many tales ten times it’s word count! Dark and brutally graphic a time or two, Mr. Wunderlich dissects the blind quest for self-glory, power and the final need for redemption. But can the devil be beaten, is a deal made refundable, returnable, exchangeable or was that impulse agreement one to be tortured by for eternity? Power comes at a price, would you pay it if it meant a loss of love and peace of mind?

I am calling this a must read, for its depth of thought and dark presentation. Paul A. Wunderlich knows how to put power behind his words!

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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