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Fire Wind by Guy Stanton III (The Wind Drifters #1)

Fire Wind
by Guy Stanton III

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Wind Drifters - Book 1
Publication Date: January 17, 2015
Publisher: Words of Action
Genre: Christian Fiction | Western
Print Length: 89 pages
Available from: Amazon


May 16th, 1869

My name is Taran Collins. I take pen to paper to let anyone who follows after me a warning. If you come after me you can expect trouble. I don’t know of what kind per se, but……..well let’s just leave it at that. You’ve been warned.

Regards, Taran Collins

P.S. I’m not coming back. That much I am sure of. My story isn’t an easy one, but my hope is that my fortune will change, Godwilling.

The town of Orlaca wasn’t a thriving place. Situated at the base of a mountain in the northern region of Arizona it didn’t have much going for it other than scenic views and the wistful dreams of the few who called it home. Built as a boom town before the Civil War by those in search of gold, it later lost its luster when gold became hard to find. Unknown to the latest people to come to this remote stretch of land was that of the oral history of the Native Americans, who’d called it home for far longer. To them it was a sacred land. A place where wind and fire met and became one.

Fire Wind (Wind Drifters, #1)My Review
Fire Wind by Guy Stanton III 

Face it, we all love some conflict in our reading, we want to feel and be part of Good conquering Evil, even if it is just part of an ongoing war. Some of us like historical fiction where the cowboy rides up and saves the day, or maybe a little science fiction or spirituality, Guy Stanton III brings us all three rolled into one with Fire Wind, a novella that is the foundation for his new Wind Drifter series.

Taran Collis is a loner, a drifter, who appears to be looking for something in life, someone who trouble seems to find, or has he been sent on a mission? Taran remains a little shrouded in a mist, but becomes more “real” as we follow each page and every scene unfolding in the struggling town of Orlaca, once a booming gold rush town. To some, it is a town in its death throes, to Native Americans, it is a sacred place, part of their heritage and the spirits of their past. What Taran experiences when he comes to the rescue of a Native American couple borders on Science fiction, yet after that event, Taran seems to walk on a different plane than the rest of us. His brushes with certain death find him coming through, alive and stronger. What has happened to Taran? Is he meant for greater things in the future? Has he become a warrior against the evils man inflicts on itself?

Short, quick reading with lots of action and intrigue, this visit into the past will have you saddling up your horse ready to ride for the side of Good. Mr. Stanton is wonderful on details, building a web of intrigue bringing it all home with a flourish.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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