Friday, January 9, 2015

Kill Me Now by Paul A. Wunderlich (Short & Powerful Stories, #2)

by Paul A. Wunderlich

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Short & Powerful Stories - Book 2
Publication Date: December 6, 2014
Publisher: Paul A. Wunderlich
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 14 pages
Available from: Amazon


FROM THE BOUNDLESS pits of the abyss, a convict fleeing from darkness seeks to escape a world full of destruction he barely understands. Ruthless enemies are vigilant of the lands beyond the void where he is kept, and every time he is caught escaping he is plunged back into the misery of the depths of the abyss. The hostage of darkness has to maneuver his way out of this fantasy world he is trapped in, a puzzle he must unravel to escape the gluttony of the shadows.

STEP INTO this short story passionate with hope, despondent with darkness, full of a mystery to be sorted nearing its end.

KILL ME NOW (Short&Powerful Stories #2)My Review
Kill Me Now by Paul A. Wunderlich

One man’s tortured thoughts, trapped in an unknown hell, trying to escape, like a bad dream re-playing itself over and over. He gets only so far, so tantalizingly close to escape, just one more step…and bam, all of the torture and pain starts over from square one. His quest to find light is thwarted and he is plunged into the abyss again. What is happening? Is he dead? Is this punishment for the life he lived? Will it end?

Once Paul A. Wunderlich puts pen to paper, his tales rush forward like a dam breaking, fast, furious and definitely making an impression! Between the first and last pages, is an entire thought-provoking tale, one that is equal parts chaotic and terrifyingly quiet while that feeling of impending doom from the unknown is in the air. Like a dripping faucet, you know that next drip is coming, you just aren’t sure when or how much, let alone how to make it stop and it plays over and over.
Ever had recurring dreams? Kind of like that…only creepier, because you will find yourself coming up with several hidden messages about life and the world we live in. My thanks to Mr. Wunderlich for sharing this tale with me.

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