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Love One, Then Another by R. J. Will (Love Through the Ages Book 3)

Love One, Then Another
By R. J. Will

My rating: 5 Stars

December 21, 2014
Publisher: R. J. Will
Genre: Romance
Print Length: 95 pages
Available from:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Evan Hatch and Emily Moore lived next door to each other and grew up together in the mid-sized city of Neehawk, Nebraska. They became best friends almost as soon as they learned to talk, and you seldom saw one without seeing the other. They started dating officially when they were freshmen in high school. They were smart, beautiful, personable and deeply in love. Everyone, including Evan and Emily, assumed they would eventually get married and live happily ever after.
All was not well in the Moore household, however, a dark secret that Emily kept hidden from everyone, including Evan. Emily's father was a disturbed, angry man who regularly beat his wife and who sexually abused Emily for years, starting when she was 5 years old.
Shortly after Evan and Emily graduated from high school, Emily's father got up in the middle of the night, took a gun and blew his wife's brains out as she slept. He was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
The day after her father's guilty verdict came down, Emily disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note for Evan, telling him she was fine and not to worry about her.
The years went by, and Evan wound up in Seattle, where he became a free-lance writer and fell in love with Jane Martin, an editor who helped him with his writing. Meanwhile, although he got used to life without Emily, he never quite got over her.
Then, 17 years after Emily's disappearance, Evan's mother died. He flew to Nebraska for the funeral, and on the flight back to Seattle an incredible piece of serendipity gave him a clue to Emily's whereabouts. The search for her began and was focused on the arid reaches of southeast Oregon – "The Big Empty" – and even Jane pitched in to help.
Would they find Emily? Why did she leave Evan with scarcely a word? Would he fall in love with her all over again? Or would he remain true to Jane?
The answers lay hidden in the Oregon desert. 

My Review
Love One, Then Another by R. J. Will

High school sweethearts in a Nebraska town, neighbors, and friends, always together, wouldn’t marriage seem the next step? For Evan, it was, but when a horrendous event opened everyone’s eyes to the life young Emily was living, she ran, leaving only a note behind, addressed to Evan. His strong-willed girlfriend was gone, vanished.  Did she not trust in Evan’s love to accept her, damaged and all or was this her escape from a stagnant existence where average was the norm?

Crushed, life went on for Evan, he found new roots in Seattle, a bustling city with ambition and beautiful scenery. He even dated, nothing meaningful or lasting, because no one ever measured up to the Emily in his heart. Now seeing a brilliant and caring woman, Jane, the past still haunts him, but the support Jane gives is opening Evan’s mind and heart. 

The death of Evan’s mother. A woman who held secrets and dreams inside, who bloomed outside the confines of Neehawk sent Evan on a quest for closure.  He would find Emily, if she was even still alive and he would discover the truth of her leaving, the truth of his feelings for her.  Will Evan find Emily?  If so, will he find a new life or closure? Will his hopes for the future become bright beacons to guide him form the haze he has been living in?

Do you want a slice of real life, a piece of the pie of humanity and love? Love One, Then Another by R. J. Will is like traveling in the heat and mind of one man through his journey to moving forward and healing.  R.J. Wills has not created over-the-top heroes; he has molded an everyday man with memories and regrets we all can relate to.  Emotionally raw, and endearingly real, if we do not see ourselves, we see someone we know. When an author can sweep his reader in one emotion at a time and have them shaking their heads in acknowledgement of the realistic life events, it only makes the escape into fiction more enjoyable and meaningful.

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