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Love Without Ceasing by R. J. Will (Love Through the Ages Book 2)

Love Without Ceasing
By R. J. Will

My Rating: 5 Stars

Series: Love Through the Ages - Book 2
December 12, 2014
Publisher: R.J. Will
Genre: Romance
Print Length: 111 pages
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 Love Without Ceasing; A Contemporary Romance Novella

Love Without Ceasing is Vol. 2 of Love Through the Ages, a five-book bundle of contemporary romance fiction love novellas. Love Through the Ages is not an ordinary series. Each book is a stand-alone. The setting for each book is the same, the fictitious city of Neehawk, Nebraska. But the characters in each book are different, and they are older in each succeeding book – thus "love through the ages." The characters in The Virgin Conquest, Vol. 1 of Love Through the Ages, are 18-20 years old. The characters in Love Without Ceasing are 26 to29 years old. The characters in Vol. 5 of the bundle are in their 70s.

My Review
Love Without Ceasing by R. J. Will

It is amazing how first impressions can be so wrong. A filthy bum enters an exclusive restaurant to return a wallet he found in a dumpster. The young waitress whose wallet it was, tried to return the kindness, but the narrow minds of management wanted the bum out and gone. A leap of faith had Sam bringing the man home, offering him food, a much needed shower and clean clothes. What she discovered under those rags was a man with intelligence and kindness and a painful past that has left him scarred emotionally. Austin was also a man that appealed to other women, one they would attempt to sway into their beds. Love was blooming, at least for Sam, and in a surprising turn of events, Austin reveals who he is, where he comes from in an act of brazen defiance. What he did not reveal was what caused him to re-think life by traveling the roads and living as a man who has nothing, who people would go out of their way to avoid. But is it time for Austin to go home? If he goes, will Sam’s heart go with him? Will he leave his in her care? As R. J. Will proves, love can be hidden anywhere, even under dirt and grime, Prince Charming may be found. Love Without Ceasing is a warm and gentle read, told with heart as Mr. Will adds so many touches of realism. Once again, I was able to identify with actions, human nature and the human wish to find love. This series of novellas identifies a slice of love in many stages of life. Face it, love is timeless when you find the right person.

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