Friday, January 16, 2015

Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders

Masters of Bone and Blood
by Craig Saunders

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: February 3, 2015
Publisher: DarkFuse
ISBN: 9781940544991
Genre: Adult Science Fiction|Fantasy
Print Length: 235 pages
Available from: Amazon


Holland's a man who's good with death. Good at death.

When his daughter goes missing, he finds himself pitted in a deadly game against the Gods themselves. Powerful enemies surround him—a changeling, a mage, and a god who wants to destroy the world.

With silver bullets in his gun and death on his mind, Holland aims to set things right...or die trying.

For the captors of Holland’s daughter, death is not only on it’s way, it’s in their very possession as Holland's daughter isn't just a fact, she's barely mortal at all...

She's Ankou, Death's daughter, and she's not an easy mark.

The battleground has been set, the world’s at stake, and all Hell is about the break loose.

Masters of Blood and Bone is an epic clash between good and evil, life versus death, Gods against mortals, a timeless story of power and corruption and one man’s pursuit to protect what he loves at any cost.

Masters of Bone and BloodMy Review
Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders

Ready to enter a horrifying, dark and sometimes humorous world filled with demons, gods, magic and one mortal man on a mission? Meet Holland, a man whose daughter has been taken and someone is going to pay, in ways far beyond their wildest imaginations. A dangerous book has been recovered by Holland, his daughter sees it, speaks the words inside and the world becomes ground zero for death and destruction as evil is unleashed through her words. So this crazed god, a changeling and a mage come into our world, sounds like a beginning of another lame joke, doesn’t? The joke may be on them as Holland is on a mission, armed and dangerous and their captive is far more than human, she is death’s daughter, Ankou...And we’re off on a journey filled with darkness and character-driven action as the world is brought to its knees, evil crushes hope and one unlikely hero is determined to be the last one standing in this battle of evil versus good. Really? These mad powers have never seen the wrath of a parent when their child is involved, never mind the entire world.

Masters of Blood and Bone fresh out of the fabulously creative mind of Craig Saunders, brews up a concoction of mythical beings, dark magic, the wrath of a mortal protecting what is his. Nothing over the top in the “death scream” horror department, but there is attitude enough to go around. Nothing seems to phase Holland, as if he is a man who has seen it all, done it all and is ready to do it, again. And his character? Thank you Mr. Saunders for making him relatable to every armchair bad boy out there! Craig Saunders has taken the dark unknown into a new direction full of surprises, which I’ll gladly follow!

I received this ARC edition from Darkfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I actually really like the name Holland for a main character :D I like the idea of this being a paranormal world with all those creatures, but then having a headstrong main character and a touch of humor was well! I will be checking this one out some more, for sure :)